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Apex Legends guide: How to play Lifeline

There’s a fine line between helping your friends and getting them killed

Apex Legends - artwork of Lifeline healing a character with her Drone of Compassion Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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Lifeline is Apex Legends’ support-focused hero. She is always there to make sure her teammates stay healthy. Her abilities may not be combat focused, but they’re still crucial for team survival. We’ve got all the tips you need to use Lifeline’s abilities, making sure your squad is in ship shape.

Passive: Combat Medic

Lifeline revives downed teammates faster and deploys a personal shield while doing so. She also uses healing items 25 percent faster.

For most Legends, reviving a teammate takes too long in the middle of a fight. If an enemy downs one of your squad mates they might try to rush you before you can revive. Thanks to her passive, Lifeline can get her allies up fast enough to catch enemies off guard.

Lifeline’s revive shield can work as makeshift cover. If you’re caught in the open, you may be safer reviving teammates and getting your shield than you are trying to run away.

Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone

Call in a drone that automatically heals allies.

Don’t be afraid to use this, even when you know it won’t fully heal an ally. If they need to regain both armor and health, use your drone and save them a syringe or two.

Throw the drone down anytime you are in the middle of a long-range firefight. This ability can give some bonus health, which could be the advantage you need to win a shootout.

Ultimate Ability: Care Package

Call in a drop pod full of defensive gear.

If you’ve just respawned an ally, this is the best ultimate in the game. Your teammate can find a gun or two lying around a building that’s already been looted. Armor is harder to come by. If Lifeline uses her ultimate, her revived ally’s defensive needs should be covered.

Be careful where you use this ability, though. Calling down a care package is like shooting off fireworks at your position. Try to be alone in an area before using it. Or be ready to fight.

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