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Apex Legends guide: How to play Bloodhound

The Allfather is here to help

A soldier named Bloodhound looks to his raven in a screenshot from Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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Bloodhound is Apex Legends’ resident tracker. No hiding enemy, but Bloodhound’s ability to reveal enemy positions has some drawbacks.

Here are some tips to help you track down the enemy, without giving away your own position.

Passive: Tracker

Bloodhound can see enemy footprints.

When playing as Bloodhound, you should try to be a homicide detective. Establish a pattern with the tracks you see. Where did enemies come from? Where did they go? Information like this can give you a better feel for who’s left on the map.

But don’t spend too much time lost in the investigation. It’s easy to get distracted when trying to track just one team. Another team could be right on your tail and could take advantage of your distraction.

Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather

Briefly reveals hidden enemies, traps, and other clues through walls.

This active ability’s range is extremely short. If you’re backed up against a building or standing at a door, the pulse won’t reveal the entire building. While the ability is great for getting a rough idea of your surroundings, you shouldn’t assume you’re safe in an area just because Eye of the Allfather didn’t detect anything.

The biggest downside of this ability is that it makes a pulse when you activate it. Anyone can see the pulse, including and enemies and friends. Be careful not to reveal your position while searching for the enemy.

Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt

Bloodhound briefly runs faster and sees in black in white. Enemies appear outlined in red.

Beast of the Hunt takes a few seconds to activate. Use it before going into a fight, rather than trying to activate after the shooting starts.

Bloodhound’s additional movement speed is a huge help. It allows you to flank enemies, escape from danger, or reach places that no one was expecting. Once you activate Beast of the Hunt, spend your time running around rather than standing still. This will make you harder to track and harder to shoot.

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