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Respawn revealed how challenges will work during Apex Legends season 2 battle pass

This should make the Battle Charge pass much easier to level up

Apex Legends
Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
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Season 2 of Apex Legends is almost here, and Respawn has a few more details to share about what we can expect. The studio has already revealed season 2’s new weapon, new character, and even hinted at some of the map changes, but today’s post is all about challenges and how they will be used to help level up the battle pass.

The season 2 battle pass will feature a few different varieties of both daily and weekly challenges. Players will get three new challenges every day that are designed to be completed quickly; the examples that Respawn gave were things like dealing 200 damage in bunker or playing a single game as Lifeline. There are reportedly over two hundred daily challenges that will be randomly assigned to players.

There will also be two different types of weekly challenges for battle pass owners as well. The first will be set weekly challenges that are the same for every player. These will unlock each week and contain seven individual challenges that are designed to take longer to complete as players are asked to do things like loot 100 epic items or earn several kills. While these will unlock every week, players won’t need to worry about starting late. All of the challenges up to the current week will be unlocked for players, no matter when they buy the battle pass.

The second type of weekly challenges will be the same every week. Players will need to complete five daily challenge, 10 daily challenges and earn 9,000 STARS or match XP to fulfill the requirements. These challenges will reset each week, allowing players to finish them multiple times throughout the season.

Respawn also detailed exactly how leveling up the passes will work, and what kind of rewards these challenges will get you. The season 2 battle pass will use a system called STARS, which is XP that exclusively works on the battle pass. You’ll earn STARS for completing challenges, with 3,000 given for each daily challenge, and 9,000 given out for three of the weekly challenges. The other four weekly challenges, as well as the weekly resetting challenges, will grant you an entire battle pass level when you complete them.

Apex Legends season 2, which will be called Battle Charge, and its battle pass will release on July 2.

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