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Apex Legends guide: Go through Octane’s Gauntlet Ring of Fire while wearing armor Iron Crown challenge

Apex Legends’ map has a new addition

Apex Legends’ new Ring of Fire in the Gauntlet area Respawn Entertainment via Polygon
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The Iron Crown, Apex Legends’ latest in-game event, is here with a brand new section of the map called Gauntlet. There’s even an event that sends players there. To complete the challenge, players need to go through Octane’s Gauntlet Ring of Fire while wearing armor.

Since the Gauntlet area is a new addition to Apex Legends, here’s a look at the map to show you exactly where you’ll need to land to complete this challenge.

Apex Legends’ Gauntlet area map location

Apex Legends map updated for the Iron Crown event with an arrow pointing to the Gauntlet area on the south west side of the map.
Apex Legends’ map with the new Gauntlet location
Respawn Entertainment via Polygon

The ring is directly at the center of the Gauntlet. It’s flaming and shouldn’t be too hard to spot. All you’ll need to do to complete the challenge is jump through the center of it.

A ring of fire stands at the center of Apex Legends’ Gauntlet area
Apex Legends’ ring of fire
Respawn Entertainment via Polygon

To make this easier, there are two ramps that surround the ring. At the top of each ramp is an area where you can pick up loot, including armor, which you’ll need to have equipped before you go through the ring. While this may seem like an odd requirement, it’s most likely added to make sure you can’t just fly through the ring directly from the drop ship.

Gauntlet from the air looks like a large arena. At the center is a ring of flames, surrounding on two sides by ramps that lead into it.
An aerial view of Gauntlet
Respawn Entertainment via Polygon

At the bottom of each ramp is an Octane jump pad that will send you through the ring if you slide into it. This makes getting through the ring pretty easy as long as you can make it to one of the ramps. The bad news: Since the entire Gauntlet area is new to the map, it’s likely to be quite busy during the Iron Crown event, so there will be plenty of other people there.

While some Apex Legends players might know that you have a challenge to complete, others aren’t likely to be so kind and will shoot at you on the spot just like in the rest of the map. Complete the challenge shortly after landing, when other players might be distracted, or take out all of your opponents before you try jumping through the rings.

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