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Apex Legends guide: Iron Crown challenges

Here are all the challenges that can earn you Crowns

Octane celebrating in Apex Legends as explosions go off behind him Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends’ new Iron Crown event brings plenty of new additions to the game, including a few new challenges for players to complete. These are a lot like Apex’s other challenges, but they’re unique to the Iron Crown event and include things that players can only complete in the new area Gauntlet area of the map or in the new solo mode.

Most of these challenges will grant Crowns to players who complete them. Crowns are a unique currency for the Iron Crown event, and players can use Crowns to buy special cosmetic items. Once the event ends, this currency will be converted into Crafting Materials.

Other challenges, like the one to place top five in a solo match, will grant players with slightly more specific prizes like a Banner Badge.

Some of the Iron Crown challenges have additional steps that are only revealed after you complete the first part of the challenge. You can see all of the first steps for Apex Legends’ Iron Crown challenges below.

Apex Legends Iron Crown challenges

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