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Apex Legends Treasure Packs guide

The first step of “The Broken Ghost” season 5 quest

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an Apex Legends screenshot of Loba crouched next to a robot with Wraith behind them Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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Apex Legendsnew season has a new kind of loot called Treasure Packs. They’re the only way to unlock Hunts, the new Apex Legends PvE mode, and compete the season-long “The Broken Ghost” quest in season 5.

Treasure Packs appear at random, so finding them isn’t easy, but in this guide we’ll teach you a few things to make your search a little quicker.

Where to find Apex Legends Treasure Packs

You can find Treasure Packs in any of Apex Legends’ standard modes, including ranked and unranked, with any sized squad. They spawn randomly inside of loot bins.

Your best bet will always be looting as many bins as you can in each match, so land in a city that’s far away from the drop ship’s path. This will give you plenty of time to look in the early game before the zone shrinks and the fighting gets more intense.

A Treasure Pack sitting on the ground in front of a loot bin in Apex Legends
A Treasure Pack fresh from a loot bin
Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Loot bins with Treasure Packs inside give off a distinct buzzing sound. The noise gets louder as you approach the bin, so keep your ears open when you’re looting. This can be especially helpful if you’re in the late game and don’t want to check every bin you come across.

How many Treasure Packs can you find?

You can find one Treasure Pack per day. After you get your first one, you’ll find a timer for your next unlock in the Quests tab of the Challenges menu.

What do you get for finding Treasure Packs?

There’s a set unlock order of loot for Treasure Packs, which includes things like XP, lore updates, and even Apex Packs.

Once you unlock five Treasure Packs, you also get access to a Hunt — a PvE mission that you must complete to get Ghost Fragments.

The first Hunt starts on May 20. A new Hunt will arrive every week, and you’ll have to unlock each by finding Treasure Packs. Once you’ve completed all nine Hunts and collected their Ghost Fragments, you’ll unlock a special season 5 reward.

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