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Apex Legends guide: `A Legend Falls` PvE event mission

The second mission from season 5’s ‘The Broken Ghost’ quest line

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A prowler from the A Legend Falls mission in Apex Legends season 5 Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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The next mission in Apex Legends’ “Broken Ghost” quest line has arrive. The quest’s second mission is called “A Legend Falls” and it sends players to The Cage area in Kings Canyon to find yet another artifact.

This time around the mission is a little more complicated than the last. Here’s exactly what you need to do to beat “A Legend Falls.”

Step 1: Defeat four enemies

You’ll start this mission in a sniper tower near the top of The Cage with a 10 minute timer. Whichever agent you selected will come equipped with a Triple Take sniper rifle and a P2020 pistol. The first thing you need to do is snipe four Prowlers that are attacking the bunker in front of you.

Once you kill those four, a few Prowlers will break into your sniper’s perch and attack you. Once they’re taken care of you can jump off the tower and head toward the bunker.

Step 2: Enter the Bunker

Once you get close to the bunker, there will still be a few Prowlers waiting around the doors. Take them out, then destroy the Wattson fences at the door and walk inside. Inside you’ll see that Wattson is down inside a fence. Destroy the fence and wait for her to die — unfortunately you can’t revive her. Once she’s down for good she’ll drop a loot box that includes a Golden helmet that should be useful.

Step 3: “Open Exit” panels activated

Head down the stairs and into the hanger where you’ll have a new objective to interact with three exit panels. Once you get to the staircase’s landing, you can jump off the right side and head straight for the door. You’ll need to melee it open and there will be Prowler on the other side.

Once you’ve taken out the Prowler, move to your left to find a set of Purple armor and the first panel you need to interact with.

Purple armor from mission 2 of Apex Legends season 5 Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Go straight out the door across from the panel and jump down to the lower area of the hanger. There you’ll find two small hallways, each blocked by a door. Inside the right hallway will be a Prowler, a Golden R-301 rifle, and another panel. Inside the left hallway is a Prowler and the third panel.

Once you’ve activated all three panels the doors will open and you can leave — after destroying another Wattson fence.

Step 4: Dig up the Hidden Artifact

Now go to the platform outside and place the digger tool down on the objective marker. This will stop the clock, but it will also spawn new waves of Prowlers that you’ll need to survive.

After about a minute, the artifact will be ready for you to pick up. Once it’s ready, you’ll have 65 seconds to grab it and reach the escape shuttle. The shuttle is in the opposite direction of the hanger, so start running as soon as you have the artifact. There will be several Prowlers that spawn between you and the ship, but all you have to do is get under the ship (you don’t need to board it), so you should just be able to run all the way there.

Once you reach the spot under the ship, it will take off and end the mission.

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