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Company of Heroes coming to iPad on Feb. 13

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After almost 14 years on PC, the classic strategy game is going mobile

A screenshot from the iPad version of Company of Heroes Image: Feral Interactive

Company of Heroes has had a long and eventful life. The hit strategy game was originally released in 2006 on PC, followed by a failed free-to-play version, and a 2013 sequel that wasn’t quite as well received as the original — there was even a Company of Heroes board game. But this week, the original Company of Heroes will be released once again, this time for iPad.

The iPad version of the game — coming Feb. 13 — is a remake of the original game, featuring updated visuals, and a redesigned control scheme specific to iPad. It will feature both the original game’s campaign, and its Skirmish mode.

The iPad version of the game, which is developed by Feral Interactive was originally announced in August 2019, but was subsequently delayed. Company of Heroes on iPad will not have multiplayer at launch, though in a tweet from last year, the developer hinted that it could be added in the future.

Feral Interactive has also been very clear that this new version of the game won’t involve any microtransactions. Instead, the game costs $13.99 on the App Store with additional Skirmish maps and missions available to download at no additional cost.

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