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Revisit Tecmo’s long-forgotten Rygar in a 154-page fan book

Scorpion’s iconic Mortal Kombat move was a goofy last-minute addition

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The Polygon staff tries to draw Ms. Pac-Man from memory

Guilty Gear Strive proves the series had to change to survive

Sega sued for ‘rigged’ arcade machine

Loki’s weirdest Easter egg is the biggest video game in urban legend history

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How Mortal Kombat invented the ESRB

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A timeline of Mortal Kombat ripoffs from the 1990s

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Street Fighter 3: An oral history

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Street Fighter 1: An oral history

We kick off a series of Street Fighter history stories with a behind-the-scenes look at the game that started it all

Guinness rolls over, says Billy Mitchell is still Donkey Kong and Pac-Man king

10 Father’s Day gifts for nerdy dads

10 Father’s Day gifts for nerdy dads

Konami Code creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto dies at 61

Sega app lets you play a real claw game in Japan remotely, win prizes

Super Bowl TV sales, a Switch Lite discount, and more of the week’s best deals

What Super Smash Bros. owes SNK, and Terry Bogard

AtGames, sued by Ms. Pac-Man’s owner, buys up royalty rights to the icon

Bandai Namco sues throwback console maker over Ms. Pac-Man mini-cabinet

All the ways the AI cheated on you in Street Fighter 2

King of Kong’s Billy Mitchell threatens legal action over vacated scores

Killer Queen Black comes to Switch, PC in October

Apple Arcade’s most promising game now has a release date on Switch and PS4

Summer Games Done Quick blows away old fund raising record

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Enter the Gungeon light gun shooter coming to arcades

Konami confirms Contra: Anniversary Collection final game lineup

Mortal Kombat began something special: the idea of fighting games with lore

An NFL team turned a big announcement into a tour of video game history

Capcom Home Arcade is a plug-and-play arcade stick with 16 games

Samurai Shodown’s three new characters revealed

Police commissioner O’Brien smashes a pinball machine with a sledgehammer

How pinball gave video games a bad reputation

Newly discovered prehistoric shark named after arcade classic Galaga