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How to beat 1-on-100 mode in Arms

Get ready to punch, a lot

Helix in 1-on-100 mode

One of the most interesting modes in Arms is 1-on-100. It pits your favorite character against a gauntlet of enemies that you need to fight through in ever-increasing waves of difficulty.

While the reward for winning is a measly, the best reason to play this mode is that it puts you into a challenging situation that forces you to master what makes each character unique.

To successfully beat 1-on-100 mode, it’s best that you learn the individual character strategies for each Arms fighter. But first, some basic strategies.

Nintendo via Polygon


In each wave, you’ll face a handful of Helix-like fighters. Each time you beat 10 of them, the enemies become smarter, change their arms and become harder to defeat. Here are some key tactics to keep in mind to make each wave as easy to beat as possible.

Throwing is a key move in this mode. While each enemy in this mode dies in one hit, throwing acts as a two-for-one move. Once you grab an enemy, swing the camera toward another enemy and you’ll have a high chance of throwing that enemy into another, killing them both. If you’re lucky, you can even hit more than one. Be warned though, if you’re grabbed before the attack portion of your grab animation starts, yours is cancelled and you’ll be thrown instead.

Charge your arms while you heal. If you’ve taken any damage, a drone will come in and drop a health item between waves. While standing in the center to gain health, keep blocking so your arms can be charged up before the next wave comes in.

Save your rush for the start of a new wave. Depending on the arms you use, you can take out more than one enemy with your rush attack. Plan to use it when the most enemies are on screen at once to maximize its use. You can be hit or grabbed out of your rush, so be careful!

Nintendo via Polygon


Each character in Arms will have a different experience in 1-on-100 based on their special abilities. Keeping these in mind will help you make the best of this challenging mode. Here are some character specific strategies.

  • Spring Man: He’ll be the best character to play to learn the basic of this mode. When his health is below 25 percent, his arms become perms-charged. You obviously won’t stay in this state for long if you keep grabbing health, but this advantage will be helpful when you need it.
  • Ribbon Girl: She’s an excellent character to use to also learn the basics. However, her ability to jump multiple times in midair while also being able to fast fall, makes her a great character to learn mobility skills.
  • Ninjara: Using his ability to teleport after blocking is a great way to understand the basics of knowing when to block, while also gaining some great mobility training.
  • Master Mummy: Another great character to learn the basics of blocking, especially because he heals while blocking. You should also block while standing in the healing item’s area of effect to max out healing between waves.
  • Min Min: Her ability to deflect incoming attacks when dashing is a great tool, and this mode is the perfect practice space. Also, since she can turn her left arm into a dragon, which gives that arm a longer charge after a throw or long charge, take advantage of this unique ability.
  • Mechanica: Since she can hover and her large body suit allows her to take hits without flinching, she’s a great character to use if you want to practice arm combos in a crazy battle setting. However, don’t take this ability for granted in later waves since she can get overwhelmed and KO’d easily if you’re not playing smart.
  • Twintelle: Take advantage of her aerial mobility because she can charge her arms in midair. Also, when charging, she can slow incoming attacks, which should give you more control over the fight.
  • Byte and Barq: You might be compelled to start with this duo because Barq can actually kill enemies for you. He can also act as a shield that can block incoming punches and grabs. The key is to always attack from behind Barq in 1-on-100.
  • Kid Cobra: The perfect character to play to learn how to stay charged at all times, since Kid Cobra’s ability to have a faster dash while charged is essential to mastering the character. His upgraded dash speed will come in handy when dodging attacks from multiple enemies.
  • Helix: A good candidate to learn dodging, since Helix can dash under punches, which makes his dash dodge timing a bit more forgivable.

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