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How to choose the best character in Arms

The perfect Arms character guide for beginners

Nintendo via Polygon

Arms is filled with a memorable and diverse cast of characters. And while each of the characters can equip the same arms, the characters do have differences outside of aesthetics.

Each character has different abilities that change their play styles. Not only that, but certain characters actually deal different throw damage outside of the standard 150 damage. Mixing and matching characters with unique abilities and arms is what gives Arms a surprising amount of depth.

Choosing the best character depends on what attributes mean the most to you. Do you want a character with fast mobility? Or does the ability to take blows without flinching seem more up your alley? What about unique characters who can summon a third arm or characters who bring their pet into combat with them?

Below is a breakdown of what makes each character in Arms unique.



Spring Man has two passive abilities that make him difficult to fight against. His first ability allows him to release a burst of energy once his charges wear off, allowing him to deflect attacks. His second ability makes him frightening at low health. Once he’s under 25 percent, his arms stay perma-charged so he can use his elemental abilities on his Arms with every punch.



Ribbon Girl is all about midair mobility. She can jump four times in air, giving her a unique way to travel compared to her counterparts. In addition, if you hold down the dash button while jumping, she can fast fall which is a great dodging tool.



Ninjara is all about his unique ability to warp. When dashing in midair, he will teleport briefly, which means he can’t be hit. When he blocks an attack, he immediately counters by teleporting toward his enemy.



Master Mummy is a brute who can take normal punches without flinching. Plus, whenever he’s blocking, he slowly regains health. Master Mummy has the strongest throw in the game at 200 damage.



Min Min has two unique abilities. The first one allows her to perform a spin kick that repels attacks when she dashes during a jump. Her second ability allows her to turn her left arm into a dragon after a throw or from a long charge, like a dash. The dragon arm will maintain a longer charge than usual so take advantage of that.



Mechina is a heavy character who can absorb most blows without flinching, which allows her to keep the pressure on, even if her opponent is mounting an offensive. She can also hover in midair when she dashes during jumps, giving her some interesting mobility options. Her throws deal 160 damage.



Charging is Twintelle’s speciality. She’s one of the only characters who can charge midair by dashing. Whenever Twintelle receives a charge, she creates a field of flowers around her that slows enemy attacks. She also deals 160 damage per throw.



Byte & Barq are a duo, making them unique characters. Barq is an AI-controlled character that can randomly attack your opponent and will also block attacks with its body. If Barq sustains too much damage, he’ll be out of commission for five seconds. Whenever you jump off of Barq’s head, you’ll perform a high jump and create a field of energy that repels attacks. Byte doesn’t have any unique characteristics of its own, so the key is to leverage Barq’s presence as much as possible.



Kid Cobra has some interesting mobility options. When charged, he has the fastest dash in the game. And while his normal dash is slow, he has a fast jump which is great for dodging. Kid Cobra deals 170 damage per throw.



Helix can stretch out his body vertically when he holds down the jump button. When he does, he gains a charge in midair and can lean left or right. His dash also allows him to duck under most attacks.

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