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Arms attributes explained

The seven Arms attributes: fire, electric, wind, ice, stun, explosion and blind

Arms - Ribbon Girl
Ribbon Girl rocking a Fire and Electric pair of arms

In Arms, players have access to over 40 different arms. Nearly every arm has one of seven attributes — fire, electric, wind, ice, stun, explosion and blind — that augment their play style. In this guide, we’ll teach you how each of these seven attributes will affect your gameplay.


While your selected arm might have attributes like fire or wind, they don’t gain any special properties out of the box. To activate your arm’s special attributes, you must first charge them up. Each character charges in different ways, whether it’s from jumping, dashing or blocking.

Once charged, your arm will glow with its special property. Keep in mind that the charge wears off after a few seconds, so time your charged punches right!


There are seven attributes in Arms. Each one augments the specific arm its on. When you look at all 40 arms , you’ll notice different attributes attached to similar arms. Keep this in mind when making your selections as each can radically change how you use a specific arm.



Arms with the fire attribute set your enemy ablaze and cause instant knockdowns. These are perfect for finishing up a combo.

Arms that have fire: Toaster, Slapamander, Phoenix, Retorcher, Hydra, Cracker, Ramram and Dragon.


Electric arms shock your opponent and make both of their arms unusable for a short time. These are great for combo starters or for setting up a throw.

Arms that have Electric: Sparky, Revolver, Megawatt, Guardian, Thunderbird and Seekie.


Arms with stun stop enemy player actions, such as punching. Stun is a great tool to control an aggressive opponent.

Arms with stun: Tribolt, Chakram and Whammer.


Arms with wind pick up an enemy player, blow them back and cause a knockdown. These are great for pushing players out of the area of effect of healing items.

Arms with wind: Boomerang, Popper, Parasol and Slamamander.


Arms with explosion create a small explosion after a short period of time and cause knockdown. These arms are great for disruptive play styles.

Arms with Explosion: Triblast and Homie.


Arms with ice slow enemy players down on hit and stops them from being able to dash for a short period of time. These Arms are great for players who love to control the pace of combat.

Arms with ice: Chilla, Coolerang and Ice Dragon


Arms with blind cover up an enemy player’s vision. Using Arms with Blind are great for players who love to win by being annoying.

Arms with Blind: Blorb


There are a few arms with no attribute. They are great for players who want to just cause direct damage without being fancy.

Arms with No Attribute: Buff, Bubb and Megaton.

Source: Nintendo

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