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How to change colors in Arms

How to access all four character colors


If you’ve navigated the Help menu in Arms, you might have run across a screen that explains that “there’s a secret way to change your fighter’s color.”

And while Nintendo is great at designing games that have hidden secrets like this to help players discuss and trade tips, some players just want to get into the game and see their favorite character decked out in special colors.

The process of doing it is simple, however it’s not even immediately clear that you’re picking a new color at first. You’ll only know once you’ve selected your character. In time, you’ll eventually know how to access your favorite color every time.


Some of these colors are great
Nintendo via Polygon

In any mode where you select your character:

  1. Start off by highlighting your character.
  2. Click the left analog stick in.
  3. While still holding the left analog stick in, move it either left, down or right.
  4. While still holding the left analog stick in, press the button to select your character.

Depending on the direction you hold, you’ll get one of four colors. If you want the original color, you can do nothing or hold up. You can also change your (computer) opponent’s color, as you can see in the image below.

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