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Arms guide: Earning Arms coins

Coins, Arms getter and Skillshot

Everything you do in Arms gets you some of the in-game currency (let’s call them A-Coins), and you take your money to the bonus game to unlock more weapons randomly in a fun bonus game similar to Skillshot. Like Skillshot, you’ll have to know your angles well to hit the targets. Pay the most attention to the back targets (time and weapons) but try to take down the regular targets as fast as you can to trigger the next wave faster.

You might also be wondering how to get A-Coins the fastest. This depends on how good you are at Arms. The very fastest way to get your coins is to win a lot in Ranked Battle. As you ascend the ranks, you get more coins per win. (We’re currently getting eight per win at rank seven.) Even losing gets you two coins in this mode. Of course, to unlock Ranked mode in the first place, you need to beat Grand Prix on at least level four difficulty.

If you can’t manage Grand Prix yet, the next fastest way to get coins is definitely Party Battle. You’ll get three coins per game won, as well as a coin when you lose and bonuses just for sticking around for a while. The games in Party mode are generally really fast, so getting three coins over and over isn’t a bad deal either.

Only play Arms Getter when you’ve got 200 coins: It’s a lot better to just get a ton of Arms at once, especially because you don’t necessarily know what you’re getting. Unlocking 200 coins will take a few hours of play even if you are winning at Ranked, so don’t rush it too much.

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