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Arms guide: conclusions, studying and moving on

Reminders and next steps

So if we’ve done our job with this guide, you know how to play Arms and you understand some core concepts. Maybe you’ve gotten good enough to go into Ranked mode. Maybe you’re further in Ranked than we got (eight, thanks)!

Where to go from the basics? When they’re not experimenting (there’s a reason we call training mode “the lab”) on their own, fighting game players thrive on community. We learn more together. This has been true since the arcade days of Street Fighter 2, and the growth of the online fighting game community has caused players’ access to knowledge, the acceleration of their skills and the quality of competition to grow exponentially. You don’t have to actively participate in a community, but if you want to keep getting better, it only makes sense to follow strong players.

Just from an offhand search of YouTube, we recommend Akiosjo and Jay Nite’s channels for excellent tutorial material that’s beyond the scope of what we offer here. Seek out streams on Twitch and so on — especially tournaments. Arms isn’t extremely popular on Twitch (it’s honestly a bit slow to be a popular spectator sport) but the tournaments will happen — they always do. One of the best ways to improve your own play is to watch high-level players and not so much copy them, but analyze their decisions.

The real hook of the fighting game for so many hardcore players is that the learning never ends. Players don’t ascend to godhood. Rather, they become more and more diligent students. Arms is young and the possibilities are still vast. Get in there, play with it, and never stop being curious.

The next level of puzzles.

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