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How to eavesdrop in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Eavesdropping can show you new infiltration opportunities

Two guards stand near a hay bale while Basim does an eavesdrop on them in AC Mirage. Image: Ubisoft Bordeaux/Ubisoft via Polygon

Eavesdropping is a key part of recon in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. As you play, you will have the opportunity to eavesdrop in order to gather more information about a place you’re infiltrating. Eavesdropping can open new opportunities in these tricky to enter parts of Baghdad, but it can be a finicky mechanic. Here’s how to eavesdrop in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

How to eavesdrop in AC Mirage

Enkidu looks at two guards who Basim eavesdrops in AC Mirage. Image: Ubisoft Bordeaux/Ubisoft via Polygon

First, find an eavesdropping opportunity. These can be picked up by summoning Enkidu, your eagle friend. Not all areas have an eavesdropping opportunity, so look for the orange icon that looks like a sound wave. If one appears, you’ll be able to see it in your worldview and heads-up display so that you can easily find it.

Assuming the area has an opportunity to eavesdrop, move close to the guards who have something interesting to say and hide. You’ll need to be in cover for the prompt to appear.

For example, in the mission to find Ali’s whereabouts, you’ll come across an eavesdropping opportunity with a nice hay bale close to some guards.

Once you’re in place, the button for eavesdropping will appear (middle mouse button on PC, right thumbstick on console — at least by default). There’ll be a short conversation so that you can see what the guards have to say, which then generates additional waypoints for the mission.

The guards will likely move after having their conversation, so don’t get caught afterwards.

Tips for eavesdropping in AC Mirage

Basim crouches in a hay pile and eavesdrops on some guards in AC Mirage. Image: Ubisoft Bordeaux/Ubisoft via Polygon

In order to eavesdrop, you need to be hidden, whether you’re crouched in grass, laying in a bale of hay, or sitting on a bench.

If guards hear you getting to your hiding place, they will come and investigate, and you might lose the ability to eavesdrop. It’s worth taking extra care when approaching guards who are about to have an interesting conversation.

Eavesdropping isn’t always necessary to infiltrate restricted areas, but it can open new opportunities to do so.

Don’t leave your hiding spot too quickly after eavesdropping. The guards may go onto new patrols so you’ll need to keep an eye on them — unless you want to fight!

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