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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey abilities

Abilities, skill trees, and a few of our favorites

Ubisoft via Polygon

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is different from the earliest Assassin’s Creed games. Alongside the shift toward action role-playing game conventions, Odyssey gives you an elaborate skill tree that can greatly influence how you play — whether you want to be a super sneaky proto-assassin or a more in-your-face brute.

The ability trees

The abilities you have to choose from fall into three broad categories (exactly like the three types of damage, actually) — hunter, warrior, and assassin. These categories basically translate to ranged, melee, and sneak: You deal hunter damage with your bow, warrior damage with your weapon, and assassin damage when your enemy hasn’t spotted you.

Our favorite abilities

All of the abilities you unlock as you level up will add some twist to your damage-dealing and world-exploring repertoire, so there’s no wrong answers when you’re picking what to unlock Just match the abilities you choose to your style of play. Beyond that, at any point, you can just reset all of your ability points for a few hundred drachmae and start over from scratch.

There are, however, three abilities that we unequivocally recommend. They’re basically essential.

  • Revelation. This is the bottom right assassin skill. This gives you a radar-like ping that will mark all points of interest — mostly loot — in the nearby area. When you couple this with Ikaros’ airborne surveillance, you’ll be picking up all the loot you can carry.
Ubisoft via Polygon
  • Shield Breaker. Warrior skill, second row up, right side. When an enemy has a shield — and a lot of them do — you have to break through their defenses before you can deal any damage. You can do that with a heavy attack, but those are slow and open you to counterattacks. You can do that with a parry or flank, but that means waiting for them to attack first. These work, but they only create an opening in the defense. They don’t solve the shield problem. The other, better option is the shield breaker ability. All you have to do is trigger the ability, and you’ll wrench the shield out of your enemy’s hands, hit them and anyone nearby with it, then toss it out of reach. This is the way to turn the tide in a fight.
  • Sixth Sense. Hunter skill, bottom row left. This ability slows time for a few seconds whenever an enemy spots you. This bullet time gives you a chance to fire off a few arrows — and deal some extra hunter damage in the process — but it’s also a handy window for a last-second silent assassination.

Hunter abilities

  • Rain of Destruction. Top row, middle. This ability gives you an area of effect attack that rains arrows down on your enemies.
  • Devastating Shot. Middle row, right. It’s always tempting to try to snipe your enemies from afar with your bow, but only rarely will a shot actually kill them. More often than not, it’s just going to make them angry and alert them to your presence. The Devastating Shot ability, though, nearly triples your hunter damage, making sniping a lot more feasible.

Warrior abilities

  • Ring of Chaos. Top left. If you find yourself surrounded often (or are about to hop into a Conquest Battle), having this ability for crowd control can be a life saver.
  • Bull Rush. Bottom left. This ability has a few uses that come in handy — you knock down enemies, deal some extra damage, and quickly relocate yourself.
  • Spartan Kick. Bottom middle. Just like Bull Rush lets you deal some damage as you relocate yourself, the Spartan Kick lets you deal some damage as you relocate your enemy.

Assassin abilities

  • Shadow Assassin. Bottom row, left. The extra assassin damage is nice, but we love this ability because it makes you automatically loot anyone you stealth kill.
  • Critical Assassination. Top row, left. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to deal enough damage to actually assassinate an enemy. When this happens, all of your sneaking around just becomes a sneak attack and a prelude to a melee fight, rather than a definitive murder. With this ability, though, you can double your assassination damage, giving you that extra boost to be a better murderer.

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