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Astral Chain guide: File 05 Accord cases, cats, and collectibles map

Map locations to find every red and blue case, the cat, and the bathroom.

Astral Chain guide: File 05 Accord cases, cats, and collectibles map PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

In this Astral Chain collectibles guide, you’ll find a map of File 05: Accord that marks the locations of the red and blue cases, the level’s Feline Friend, and the toilet.

Every level of Astral Chain has multiple side missions, a stray cat, and a bathroom to find. Most of them are pretty easy to spot, but not every one is accessible on your first time through the game. We’ll include extra explanation for anything that’s difficult to get to or requires special abilities or Legions.

File 05: Accord collectibles map

Astral Chain File 05 collectibles map PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

File 05 has three different locations — ARI Redshift Labs, Harmony Square, and Harmony Square Station.

There are nine red cases — all of them in Harmony Square Station. Our map is missing one red case. We know it can be found during the file between rescuing Alicia and fighting Deimos, but we have yet to discover it.

There are also seven blue cases — one in the HQ, three in ARI, two in Harmony Square, and one in the subway.

File 05: Cat location

Astral Chain File 05 cat location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

After (or during) the Rescue the Civilians blue cases, head to the second floor of the subway. This cat, Smee, is in the middle on the north end of the map. You’ll find it hiding under a bench.

File 05: Bathroom location

Astral Chain File 05 bathroom location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

On the second floor of Harmony Square Station — the floor you reach at the bottom of the stairs near the entrance — head to the northeast corner. This bathroom is down the stairs on the tracks hidden behind the train there. You’ll pick up the subway schedule.

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