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Astral Chain guide: Hidden clothing, accessories, and costume unlocks and locations

How to dress for success

A woman with pink hair and stylish glasses stands on a helipad PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Astral Chain is a stylish game. Even at the very start, you have the option to choose two different characters, a load of different hair styles, and many color options. Once you make your way to police headquarters, you even get some clothing options right away in the locker room. In fact, every new piece of clothing you’ll find will be accessible in your locker between missions.

But for the most stylish players, that’s not enough. Thankfully, Astral Chain has dozens of unlockable and hidden accessories. There’s several ways of getting them: Some are based on your performance in each level, while others are hidden. Here’s a growing list of how to obtain or find some of the game’s most interesting clothing options.

Replaying Files

For many of the hidden items, we’ll refer to the File and associated chapter they’re located in. Our advice: Go back to chapters after you beat them to quickly find the items you’re looking for. To load specific Files and chapters, go to your PC at headquarters and go to File Select, then find the specific File and chapter you need to access.

Once you find the accessory you’re looking for, you can exit out of File to continue your game’s progress by hitting the the minus button to bring up your options, and then going to System, then File Options and then choosing to end the session. This will allow you to exit the File, gain more points toward your rank and save whatever accessories you’ve found.

Leveling up and finding hidden items

At the end of each of File, you’ll be ranked. Based on how many red and blue cases you solve, how well you do in combat, and other factors, you’ll gain experience to level up. If you move up in your rank, you’ll unlock a cosmetic item. At first it’s simple pieces of gear like hats, but they get more interesting as you level up and progress.

However, the most interesting items are hidden throughout each level. Here’s a running list of what we’ve found so far. We’ll update this list as we come across more.

Square Glasses A eye accessory location

A woman in a police uniform with glasses on PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Square Glasses A is one of the easiest pieces of gear to find. In File 3 in the second chapter, “Missing,” go back to the area where you need to eavesdrop on the two bystanders. Across from them is an area where you can send your Legion to chain jump over to a fire escape.

A woman with a chain on her hand connected to a monster standing on a fire escape PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Jump across and run to the top of the fire escape. You’ll find another gap you’ll need to chain jump over. At the end of the building on the other side is an item box containing the Square Glasses A item.

Police Armor jacket location

The tough-looking police armor is also found in File 3, in chapter three, “Stranger.” While you’re in the astral plane, keep on going through the level until you find the first instance where you need to use your Legion to move a series of huge blocks blocking your path.

A monster with swords hands and a woman with blue hair stand in front of giant, glowing blocks PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Hitting the little widget next to the blocks will lower the obstruction, giving you a path forward. However, if you stand on the blocks and hit the widget again, the blocks will raise you back up. If you look up to your left, you’ll notice a flight of stairs. Taking those up will lead you to a large, open area. Walking into the zone will trigger a midboss fight with a “C-6” level enemy, which means prepare for a tough battle. Defeating the enemy will reveal an item box off to the right of where it appeared. Inside is the police armor chest piece.

Bandage eye accessory

A woman in police gear wearing a bandage over her eye PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

In File 5, after you’re introduced to your twin laying in bed, go to the room directly to the left of theirs. In the back corner, you’ll find the bandage eye accessory just laying on the floor next to a bed.

PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

For fun, change your clothing to black, make your hair white and change the bandage’s color to black and you can pretend your 2B from Nier Automata.

For other outfits, bookmark this page as we update it with new discoveries.

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