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Astral Chain: How to change your character’s gender at any time

You can swap twins at any time

A character select screen of a male and female twin with similar black and white outfits PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

At very start of Astral Chain, you have to make an important decision: Which of the two twins do you want to play as? Depending on which you pick, the other will be featured throughout the game as your partner. Unlike you, the other twin will have plenty of speaking lines whereas the twin you pick will be more of a silent protagonist.

But what if you played through the game and don’t like the decision you made? Perhaps you’d like to play through the rest of the game as the other sibling or you want to hear the voice acting of the other twin. Turns out, you can switch who you’re playing as at any time.

How to change your character

A complicated looking file select screen PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Whenever you’re in the police headquarters, head to your PC and choose File Select. From there, select File 01 and its first chapter, “Rush.” Skip the game’s opening cutscene and you’ll be given a choice to choose which character to play as. You’ll have to replay the opening bike segment, but once you have access to your pause menu, you can go to System then File Options to exit out of the File and resume your game’s progress.

When you load back into Astral Chain, you’ll be playing as the sibling you just chose.

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