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Astral Chain guide: toilet locations

Find toilets, free the faerie, get that sweet release

A woman in a tight outfit and a picture of a dog PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Astral Chain has a lot of interesting characters, but one of the weirdest is a faerie you meet in the toilets of the police station. Apparently, this toilet faerie is stuck in your station’s stall and it falls on you to help it relieve itself so it can be set free. To do that, you need to find a piece of toilet paper — or something similar — in each of the game’s levels.

Freeing the faerie will complete the Sweet Release mission and give you access to the ARI Medical Gear, which is the same one you see your twin wearing in File 05. The toilet locations are in some odd places through all of Astral Chain’s levels, so this guide will help you find them.

Astral Chain toilet locations

HQ toilet location

If you’ve stared this quest, you’ve likely already realized the first piece of toilet paper for the faerie, the tissue, is located in the stall right next to it in your headquarters.

File 01 toilet location

Astral Chain File 01: Bathroom location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

As soon as you take control of your character, run toward the medics ahead of you, which triggers a cutscene.

Run around the truck on the left. This toilet is on the other side of the highway divider, so you’ll have to look carefully. You’ll get the antiseptic wipes here.

File 02 toilet location

Astral Chain File 02: Bathroom location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Early in the level, while tracking the chimera along Grand Avenue, you’ll head down into a parking garage.

Inside, head to the left, and then head south. Crouch under the partially closed gate to find this toilet and pick up the tarp.

File 03 toilet location

Astral Chain File 03: Bathroom location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

You’ll find this File’s toilet in the northeast of the map.

You’ll need to complete (at least) the Maison Forest Search mission to be able to get up here. Look for a partially open door opposite the infirmary where the three redshift patients are. Duck under it to find this toilet and pick up the dead leaves.

File 04 toilet location

Astral Chain File 04: Bathroom location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

On the second floor of the mall, after you first encounter Jena, you’ll make your way west through some sticky, slime-filled hallways.

The halls will turn left (south). When the hall narrows, there’s a second hall that intersects it. Take the right turn — toward the west — to find this toilet and pick up the old flyer.

File 05 toilet location

Astral Chain File 05 bathroom location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

After saving all of the civilians in the subway tunnels with Alicia, eventually, she’ll need your help. Follow the mission marker toward her location.

First, you’ll head through a subway train filled with lasers. Exit that and, before entering the next subway train to reach her, down in a subway tunnel you’ll see a barrier that can only be broken with the Axe Legion. Run past it to find a toilet. Inside you’ll find the subway schedule.

File 06 toilet location

Astral Chain File 06 bathroom location PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

This File’s toilet isn’t actually a toilet. It’s an item you pick up in a ventilation shaft above a toilet.

At the start of your infiltration into the Hermit base, you’ll be crawling through air ducts. Right when you start the process, turn around. You’ll immediately see a grate with an item behind it. Walk into it a few times, and it’ll fall down, creating a path. Behind the fallen grate you’ll find the hermit pamphlet.

File 07 toilet location

A women stands on a rooftop PlatinumGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Once you get to the rooftop, your mission marker will lead you to a ladder. Follow it, but instead of climbing the ladder, turn left and run down to the small area there.

You’ll find a ladder you’ll need the Arrow Legion to knock down. Once you’re up there, turn around, hop across the gap with your Legion and you’ll see the toilet behind a small structure. You’ll find the emergency blanket there.

File 08 toilet location

Once you’re on the rooftop with your sibling, you’ll split up to clean up redshift. Midway through the walkways, you’ll find a platform where you can jump to and have your Arm Legion pull.

Have your Legion pull it out as far as it can. Then turn around, and you’ll notice another platform around the corner. Have your Legion travel to it and pull the platform closer to you so you can jump to it. Hop across and you’ll notice a third platform with a toilet. There you’ll find the dirty rag.

File 09 toilet location

A woman stands in an alley PlatinunGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Right at the very start of the mission once you’re in the downtown area, run left around the building you’re next to. Head towards the subway and behind it, you’ll see an alley. Down the alley is a toilet. Inside you’ll find a wet tissue.

File 10 toilet location

Two women stand in an empty sewer PlatinunGames/Nintendo via Polygon

Midway through the mission, once you and Olive are running through the sewer, you’ll eventually drain the sewer giving both of you a path to run down. Right before you exit the empty sewer, run past the ladder leading you out, and you’ll find a toilet at the end of the pathway. There you’ll find some sandpaper.

File 11 toilet location

Two people dressed in black stand in front of a white door PlatinunGames/Nintendo via Polygon

At the very start of the mission, before you head into the ARI building, run to the left and you’ll see stairs going down. Swing around so you’re under the bridge you just walked down, and you’ll see a toilet that contains the optical camo paper.

Sweet release

Giving all 12 pieces of toilet paper to the faerie will set it free and give you the ARI Medical Gear outfit. What a relief!

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