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I started gaming when I was seven on an Atari VCS and haven't stopped since. From there, it was on to the TI-99/4A (Christmas 1982), Apple //c, Amiga ... three decades and about 150 systems later ... and here we are. I do my playing mainly on a high-end PC and PS4, but I dust off the N64, Jaguar, and Nuon from time to time. I'm pleasantly deeply inserted into the world of No Man's Sky and there's no extraction in my foreseeable future. I'm an avid retro-computing collector / enthusiast, particular enjoy retro-gaming, and blog about such things at I co-founded the iOS game review website,, and am a full-stack web developer by day. I ruminate on growing up in Virginia on my blog, I live in Alexandria, VA with my wife and 10-year-old daughter.