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Cameron Faulkner is Polygon’s commerce editor, responsible for sussing out the gaming and entertainment deals that matter most. He migrated from The Verge, a tech site with the firmly-held belief that it’s better than Polygon at Super Smash Bros.. He wants nothing to do with this, but he can hold his own with Lucina.

Cameron’s taste in video games is similar to his taste in music: all over the dang place, just how he likes it. Outside of some yearly releases, everything else is fair game. He oscillates between playing newer games and older favorites he can’t leave behind, including the Metroid Prime series, Persona titles, most of FromSoftware’s stuff, and knocking down buildings in Red Faction: Guerilla.

Cameron has worked with Vox Media since 2018, and in 2022 proudly served as a member on the Vox Union bargaining committee. Before joining Vox Media, he worked at AOL’s and at TechRadar.