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Mission control for Retronauts, curator of Game Boy history, formerly the guy in charge of (and before that).

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The 30 greatest Game Boy games

One for each year of the system’s life

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The complete ranking of the Metroid series

Just in time for Super Metroid’s quarter-centennial, we sort the weak from the strong

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How NES launch negotiations, Tetris, and Lode Runner inspired boutique game publisher Tozai

We look at the history of the company keeping classic American game franchises alive — with a distinctly Japanese flavor

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Making a game in the world’s busiest crosswalk: The story behind 428

The recent U.S. release of the acclaimed Japanese visual novel 428: Shibuya Scramble represents the culmination of years of work

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We rank the Smash Bros. (and friends)

Every character, ordered from garbage to glorious

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The 20 best PlayStation 1 games

Timeless classics suitable for enshrinement on a mini-console

Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule Field changed how we think about game worlds

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The story of NEMO, Hasbro’s console that never was

Developer Mark Turmell sheds light on the most influential game system never made

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The best Castlevania games

Nearly three decades of Dracula-whipping action, definitively ranked by quality

The DS saved Nintendo while destroying handheld gaming as we knew it