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I write stuff about videogames. If I'm lucky, it appears on this website.

Mineko’s Night Market builds on 2023’s cozy game obsession

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty brings Sekiro’s combat to a mesmerizing new world

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Predicting the future of games is a fool’s errand, but let’s try anyway

We asked a handful of experts to give their best guesses on where gaming is going in the next decade

No Place for Bravery’s Sekiro-esque combat isn’t punishing — it’s unfair

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Forgery accusations against longtime retro game seller leave collectors shaken

‘On one hand, this was someone I considered a friend for many years. On the other hand, his guilt was unquestionable’

Meet the developers still making games for your calculator

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A closer look at Tencent, the world’s biggest game company

An overview of Tencent’s burgeoning games dominance

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The rise of prestige Chinese games

New wave of games from China mimics, sometimes exceeds, high production of Western AAA games

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Mobile games have quietly exploded

Games need to return to black-and-white morality