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Meet the streamer who helps PS5 buyers beat bots and scalpers

Jake Randall has built a platform on sharing his strategies

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Quarantine is creating brand-new gamers

Folks of all ages are taking their first steps into gaming

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The chroniclers of Jeopardy!

In web 1.0 style, a group of die-hard fans maintains a vast library of answers and questions

There are still people making rage comics in 2019, despite everything

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How an accidental fan art hoax transformed the Dragon Ball franchise

Super Saiyan 5 was never meant to be this popular

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The people who still compete in Super Mario Kart, 25 years later

They don’t need the SNES Classic. They’re still playing the original

PUBG is becoming an esport, whether it's ready or not

More players, more problems.

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The ongoing debate over amiibo in Zelda speedrunning

And amiibo in future Nintendo games