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Stranger Things ignited a gold rush for old Dungeons & Dragons books

D&D products are staging an unlikely comeback — but there are consequences

What goes right and wrong when games like Diablo 3 take a decade to make

We look at what happens when games linger in development for more than 10 years

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Leapfrogging Trico: Vane’s journey from Last Guardian appetizer to dessert

Development studio Friend & Foe is days away from releasing its first game

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Xbox One re-review, five years in

We look at how Microsoft’s platform has evolved since launch

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PlayStation 4 re-review, five years in

We look at how Sony’s PS4 platform has evolved since launch

How Analogue remade the Super Nintendo

Go behind the scenes with the team behind the Super Nt

There are too many video games. What now?

As the games industry gets more and more crowded, we look at what small teams are doing to stand out

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Five years later, Sony looks back at how the DualShock 4 Share button happened

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Toy companies analyze Nintendo’s plans for Labo

We talk with those making other build-it-yourself experimental tech toys

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God of War: The story to date

Catch up on the series’ key plot points before heading into Sony Santa Monica’s latest