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Baldur’s Gate 3 guide: Druid Grove walkthrough and tips

The people, quests, and items you don’t want to miss

Baldur’s Gate 3 guide: Druid Grove walkthrough and tips Image: Larian Studios via Polygon

In this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we’ll help you find everything and everyone important in Druid Grove from NPCs to items, quests, and secrets in the town.

This won’t be a step-by-step narration through Druid Grove, though. Your game and your story — your party, skills, and abilities — are your own, so we’ll make sure that you don’t miss anything. We’ll show you the important NPCs, traders, and quests to pick up in The Hollow, Secluded Chamber, Makeshift Prison, Secluded Cove, Sacred Pool, Emerald Grove, Druids’ Chamber, Enclave Library, and Underground Passage.

Table of contents

Druid Grove overview
The Hollow
Secluded Chamber
Makeshift Prison
Emerald Grove
Enclave Library
Underground Passage

Druid Grove overview

Once you’re done with the Overgrown Ruins, the next logical place to head is Druid Grove to the northwest. Make sure to find and unlock the Silvanus’ Grove Waypoint (at X: 246, Y: 422) on your way — it’s east-southeast of the gate in Druid Grove.

There’s a lot going on inside — many people to speak with, and a lot of interwoven quests to pick up. We’ll talk about the important ones below.

Overgrown Portcullis and goblin attack

As you approach Druid Grove for the first time, you’ll come upon a band of goblins chasing some of the residents of the Grove and a battle will start. Including those on the wall, you’ll have five allies in this fight against eight enemies — six goblins, a bugbear, and a worg.


After the fight, head through the Overgrown Portcullis. Inside, the first people you’ll see are Aradin (a human) and Zevlor (a tiefling), who are arguing. After their fight, speak with Zevlor to learn more about Druid Grove and its leader, Kagha. He’ll give you the “Save the refugees” quest and point you deeper into the Grove.

The Hollow

Continue north to The Hollow. This area is full of NPCs. Most of them aren’t that important, but you can speak with some, and there’s Party Member to recruit.

Arron, Trader

The first person you’ll see in The Hollow is Arron the halfling. If you ask him about a healer, he’ll point you to Nettie and add “Get help from Healer Nettie” to your Journal.

More importantly, he’s a trader (vendor). He’s got a little of everything for sale.

Wyll, the Blade of Frontiers

A little past Arron, look for a human training some tiefling children — he’s kind of hard to spot in the crowd. This is Wyll, the Blade of Frontiers. He was also on the ship, and you can recruit him to your party.

He is interested in both Druid Halsin (more on him below) and keeping the tiefling refugees safe (like Zevlor, above). Recruiting him will add “Save the refugees” and “Defeat the Goblins” to your Journal.

Dammon, Trader

From Aaron, take a left (west) and continue downhill. Look for a blue tent near a large fire to find Dammon. He’s a blacksmith and another trader. His stock is mostly weapons and armor — including some magical and enchanted (+1) items.


East of Dammon, you’ll find Okta. She’s grumpy, but she’ll give you a bowl of stew.

Auntie Ethel, Trader of Quirks and Sundries

Across from Okta, you’ll meet Auntie Ethel. She’s got potions and ingredients for sale — you can get four healing potions for about 100 gold.

More importantly, she’ll suspect something is off about you. If you let her know about the Mind Flayer Parasite, she’ll offer to help and invite you to her house (Teahouse) and mark it on your map to the southwest. This will add the “Deal with Auntie Ethel” quest.

Local Rat and Pandirna

On your way up the stairs heading east, watch for a white rat. This is the Local Rat. Stop and talk to it.

With a successful Animal Handling check (Difficulty: 10), the rat will urge you to follow it. It’ll run east and into a house with a locked door, just to the right of the Makeshift Prison entrance.

If you lockpick the door (Asterion tends to do well here), you’ll meet a paralyzed tiefling named Pandirna. With a successful Insight, Persuasion, Deception, or Intimidation roll (Difficulty: 10), you can talk her out of calling the guards. Keep talking to learn that Auntie Ethel might not be on the level.

Once she is convinced, bullied, or stabbed into submission, loot the house. Once the Pantry Chest is empty, talk to the rat again. It’ll be happy now and wander off.

If you can’t see the rat, it’s probably on the roof. Right-click on the stack of boxes in the northeast corner of the house and choose Climb Up. From there, you’ll be able to walk around on the roof. With a decent Jump ability, you can jump from the eastern roof to find a back door-type path into the Makeshift Prison.


There’s a tiefling guard named Zorru patrolling right outside of the house where you meet Pandirna. With Lae’zel in your party, talk to him. He’ll panic a bit at seeing her.

Navigate the conversation, and you’ll get an update to the “Find the Githyanki Creche” quest. This adds a new objective, “Find the Githyanki patrol,” in the northwest.

Secluded Chamber

In the southwest corner of The Hollow — not far from Dammon and Auntie Ethel — you’ll find a Stone Door. Pass through the door to enter the Secluded Chamber — a room that is basically Zevlor’s study.

Return to him here to make progress in the “Save the refugees” quest. If you haven’t recruited Wyll yet, Zevlor will point you toward him.

Makeshift Prison

Continue to the north end of The Hollow, and pass through the Shabby Door to enter the Makeshift Prison.

The first time you enter, you’ll walk in on an argument between Sazza the goblin and Arka and Memnos the tieflings. If you save Sazza’s life (with either talking or stabbing), have a conversation with her.

Sazza the goblin

From inside her cage, Sazza will let some information slip about her priestess and the Absolute and hint that the priestess might be able to help you with the parasite. This will add the “Ask the Goblin Priestess for help” quest. If you agree to help her escape, you’ll get the “Save the Goblin Sazza” quest. (You can head to the Goblin Camp either way, she’ll just make it easier to get inside.)

Sacred Pool

From the Makeshift Prison, backtrack south, and then head east down toward the Sacred Pool.

As you approach the entrance to the Sacred Pool, you’ll witness a confrontation. Once the crowd clears, talk your way past the guards (you can’t fail).

Save Arabella and Marricko and Locke

After the argument, a tiefling couple will be standing on the stairs just outside of the Sacred Pool. Marricko and Locke will tell you that the druids are holding their daughter Arabella for attempting to steal the sacred idol. This will give you the “Save Arabella” quest.

Investigate the beach and Secluded Cove

As soon as you’re past the guards, turn left (east) and pass through the doorway there. Take another left, and the path will lead down to the Secluded Cove where you’ll find the “Investigate the beach” quest. That quest will get you the “Steal the Sacred Idol” quest as well.

Volo, Procurer of Associates, Stories, and Curios

Head to the east side of the Sacred Pool to find Volo, Procurer of Associates, Stories, and Curios speaking to a bear. Have a conversation with him. This won’t give you a quest, but it’ll explain why you’ll meet him in the Goblin Camp in a bit.

Idol of Silvanus

In the center of the Sacred Pool, you’ll see a few druids performing the ritual everyone’s worried about. In the center of the small pool there, the Idol of Silvanus is at the top of the stairs.

Stepping into the green aura of the ritual will give you Silvanus’ Blessing — Proficiency in Nature and Animal Handling until you take another Long Rest.

This is the idol you’ll have to steal for Mol to complete “Steal the Sacred Idol.”

Emerald Grove

Follow the wall of the Sacred Pool around to the west until you reach the Stone Door. That Stone Door will lead you into the Emerald Grove.

As you head down the stairs the first time you enter, the first thing you’ll see is Kagha and her snake threatening Arabella (with a druid named Rath watching). Your conversation with the three of them will determine this outcome of the “Save Arabella” quest.


Regardless of how “Save Arabella” turns out, speak to Rath. He’s not a fan of Kagha, and will give you information on Master Halsin. This will add “Removing the Parasite” and “Rescue the Druid Halsin” and “Save the refugees” and “Save the First Druid” to you Journal. You’ll also get a marker on your map for the location of the Goblin Camp.


Speak to Kagha. She’ll request that you escort the refugees out of town one way or another. This will add “Save the refugees” and “Return to Zevlor” to your Journal. Zevlor is in the Secluded Chamber (above).

Druid’s Chambers

In the Emerald Grove, head to the northeast corner. Pass through the Stone Door there to enter Nettie’s room, the Druid’s Chambers.

Get help from Healer Nettie

This first room is where you’ll meet Healer Nettie. She’ll lead you through her first room into a “secret” second room. (The door is hidden, but she’ll walk you straight through it.)

When you’re done with Healer Nettie and free to loot, there are several Healing Potions in this room.

Enclave Library

In the Enclave library, keep talking to Nettie. Chances are — and if your follow our advice — you’ll end up killing her and getting the Arcane Circlet she’s wearing. Generally, this is a Nature +1 circlet, but more importantly, it’ll open a secret door in the northwest of the room.

When you first open it, there will be a poison cloud filling the room. With a passive Perception check, you might notice a cracked rock on the floor. Drag a vase or other object on top of it to clear the poison.

Before you head through, check all of the bookshelves for magic scrolls to steal.

This is also the room you’ll return to once you rescue Druid Halsin and collect the Rune of the Wolf.

Underground Passage

On the other side of the poison cloud room, you’ll enter the Underground Passage. You’ll immediately walk in on four goblins and a barely alive druid.

It’s difficult (and not really necessary) to save the druid, so just focus on taking out the four goblins.

Behind where the goblins were, jump to the stone pillar to the west. Follow a path down behind it to find a human corpse with the Charred Key. Head south and follow the stair on your left up. There are a bunch of crates with several Healing Potions, Thieves’ Tools, and scrolls inside.

Use the Charred Key to unlock the Heavy Chest. Inside, you’ll find some gold and the Nature’s Snare — a staff that has a chance to cast Ensnare on any target it hits.

To the north, watch along the west wall for a Guardian Statue. This will shoot Firebolts at you when you get in range. Chip away at its HP with ranged weapons to destroy it.

Underground Passage exits

There are two exits from the Underground Passage. To the north, the door leads to a secret path under and behind the Makeshift Prison (where you met Sazza). To the south, the door leads out to the Forest area to the southwest of Druid Grove.

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