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Baldur’s Gate 3 guide: Steal the Sacred Idol walkthrough

Stealing the Idol of Sylvanus for Mol

Baldur’s Gate 3 guide: Steal the Sacred Idol walkthrough Image: Larian Studios via Polygon
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In this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we’ll walk you through all the steps of Mol’s “Steal the Sacred Idol” quest in Druid Grove.

This optional quest involves stealing and murdering, so mostly we’ll be warning you about the outcomes and ramifications of doing it. We’ll walk you through meeting Mol, stealing the Idol of Sylvanus, fighting the druids who don’t like you stealing their idol, and the quests you’ll complete, lock yourself out of, and open up as a result of finishing “Steal the Sacred Idol.”

Complete Investigate the beach

The easiest way to find Mol and pick up this quest is by completing the “Investigate the beach” quest in the Secluded Cove east of the Sacred Pool.

Steal the Sacred Idol

Once you’ve told Mol you’ll steal the idol from the druids, head back to the Sacred Pool.

Steal the Idol

The Idol of Sylvanus is at the top of the stone steps in the center of the Sacred Pool. It’s surrounded by three druids performing the ritual.

There’s no trick to stealing the idol. Walk up to it, click on it, and it’s done.

The druids will notice immediately, and blame both you and all outsiders (read: tieflings) for the theft. A fight will break out all across Druid Grove.

Fight the Druids

In the Sacred Pool, you’ll have to fight the three druids and their animal companions — a bear and a boar.

During combat, as soon as they fall, loot everything that’s not nailed down — you won’t be able to when the fighting’s done because you’ll get scolded. Head back to The Hollow area of Druid Grove. The tieflings and the druids will be fighting all over.

If the crowds of combatants get confusing, go to Options > Gameplay > User Options and set Combat and Tactical highlights to Circle and highlights. This will outline allies in a yellow glow and enemies in red.

During the combat, loot everyone you can — again, you won’t be able to loot after the fighting’s done. Specifically, watch for Arron (you’ll loot everything he has in his shop, including the stuff you’ve sold him), Nettie, and Kagha.

Check down with Dammon the blacksmith, too. If Dammon didn’t survive, make sure there are no witnesses (by stabbing) and loot his body, too. There’s a good chance you’ll find some of his magic or enchanted weapons and armor on him.

Give the Idol to Mol

Head back through the Concealed Hatch and down into the Tiefling Hideout. Mol will be where you left her. Hand over the idol, and she’ll promise you a reward if and when you find her in Baldur’s Gate.

Find Mol in Baldur’s Gate

At this point in the early access version of the game, you cannot reach the city of Baldur’s Gate, so you can’t complete the final step of this quest — or the quest itself.

Results of completing Steal the Sacred Idol (Is it worth it?)

Stealing the sacred idol (and pursuing the “Steal the Sacred Idol” quest) is one way to solve the tensions in Druid Grove. It does overlap some other quests and objectives, though.

  • “Removing the Parasite” // “Find the healer Nettie.” Nettie will die during the fight, so she won’t be there to help you. You can still explore her chamber, though.
  • “Save the Goblin Sazza.” If you were planning on rescuing Sazza from the Makeshift Prison, you’ll complete (fail) this quest as well, since she’ll be killed by the tieflings.
  • “Save the refugees” // “Kill Kagha.” Since Kagha dies in the fight, this is technically successfully completed for Zevlor. He’ll reward you with Hellrider’s Pride gloves.
  • “Save the refugees” // “Save the First Druid” and “Removing the Parasite” // “Rescue the Druid Halsin.” The druid Rath will fight on the side of the tieflings, so he’ll still be around. This won’t effect anything to do with Druid Halsin.

Whether or not this quest is worth the effort (read: stabbing) is up to you, really. The ramifications on other quests are really not that bad. For example, Nettie was going to (spoilers) try to kill you anyway. And you’re still on track to help the tiefling refugees.

Also, with all the surreptitious looting, you’ll come out way ahead in terms of items and gear. In general, the druids weren’t acting like good people, so … you can justify it.

You will, however, get the Enemy of Justice permanent condition. This means that guards allied with the druids will attack you on sight. At this point in early access, it’s unclear if this has lasting effects outside of Druid Grove.

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