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Baldur’s Gate 3 guide: Get help from Healer Nettie walkthrough

Find the Healer Nettie in Druid Grove

In this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide, we’ll walk you through every step and outcome of the “Get help from Healer Nettie” quest.

We’ll tell you where to find her in Druid Grove, how to navigate her conversations, and why it’s probably a good idea to kill her. We’ll also point out any useful items to pick up during the quest.

Get help from Healer Nettie

Everyone you ask inside Druid Grove will point you to Healer Nettie, a druid in the Inner Sanctum of the settlement. From where you enter, continue through The Hollow, Sacred Pool, and Emerald Grove to find her.

Find the Healer Nettie

Nettie is in the Druids’ Chambers attached to the Emerald Grove’s northeast corner.

After a bit of small talk, let her know about the Mind Flayer Parasite. She’ll lead you through a secret door into the Enclave Library, and your objective will become “Follow Nettie.” (Before you leave, it’s a good idea to get everyone inside and close the Stone Door leading back to the Emerald Grove behind you. Since this is very likely to become a — spoilers? — fight, this will keep other druids from overhearing.)

Follow Nettie // Enclave Library

In the Enclave library, keep talking to Nettie.

This is likely a quirk of early access, but if you want more than one party member inside for the encounter that will (almost definitely) follow, pause your conversation for a second. Click the Character Select button in the lower left of the screen. Split your party with the person talking to Nettie alone, and the other three grouped together. Move the group of three into the Enclave Library. Once you’re sure they’re all past the door, switch back to the party member talking to Nettie.

Nettie will offer you a cure. She’ll ask for your arm, and you’ll have three responses:

  • What is that? If you question Nettie, she’ll just insist it’s a cure.
  • Hold out your arm. If you (stupidly) trust Nettie, she’ll poison you.
  • Pull back. Nettie will get very insistent about her cure. If you keep pulling away (or try to leave), she’ll attempt to stab you with her “cure.”

There’s a lot of arguing to be had throughout this conversation, but the outcomes really boil down to just three options:

  • If you manage to talk your way out of getting poisoned (with a series of Difficulty: 10 rolls), she’ll give you a vial of Wyvern Poison and an Elixir of Silvanus, make you promise to kill yourself, and then let you leave. She’ll also give you more information about “Removing the Parasite” // “Rescue the Druid Halsin” and “Save the refugees” // “Save the First Druid” if you can keep her talking.
  • You get poisoned, and your objective becomes Find an antidote for the poison.
  • You don’t get poisoned, but you anger Nettie and she attacks you (or you preemptively attack her during the conversation).

Find an antidote for the poison

Nettie has the antidote, an Elixir of Silvanus, in her inventory. It doesn’t seem possible to pickpocket this from her, so killing her and looting her corpse is the best option.

Make sure whoever was poisoned has the Elixir of Silvanus, and have them drink it. That will save their life, and close out both the objective and the mission.

Results of Get help from Healer Nettie // What to do about her

The “Get help from Healer Nettie” quest doesn’t have a very satisfying conclusion. Either she poisons you and you kill her, she tries to poison you and you kill her, or you talk her out of poisoning you and you promise to kill yourself later.

Put bluntly, someone’s ending up dead.

If you can, keep her talking. Her additions to your Journal and quests aren’t necessary, but more information is always helpful. When it doesn’t feel like she’ll give you anything else useful, start stabbing.

Look, we’re not advocating for solving conflicts with violence here, but the benefits of killing Nettie (either before or after getting poisoned) outweigh the risks. She’s a Level 3 Druid, with an armor class of 11 and 24 HP. If the fight drags on for a while, she might Wild Shape into a Giant Spider. With at least a couple members of your party, she’s easy enough to take down.

When she’s dead, loot her corpse for the Wyvern Poison (7d6 Poison), an Elixir of Sylvanus, an Arcane Circlet (Nature +1), and other odds and ends. (Equipping the Arcane Circlet will open a nearby hidden door for you into the Underground Passage.)

With Nettie out of the way, you can also loot her rooms.

In the Enclave Library:

  • Check every bookshelf for scrolls — you’ll find several of varying usefulness.
  • Lots of notes, journals, and notebooks for story flavor.

Back in the Druids’ Chambers, check every box, crate, and table:

  • Several Potions of Healing (we found eight).
  • Lots of food (good for small amounts of healing) and wares (to sell for a gold or so each).
  • The Flora of the Dalelands book that teaches you how to make your own Elixirs of Sylvanus.

How to craft Elixir of Sylvanus

On the workbench by the Flora of the Dalelands book, look for a Mugwort Bundle. Take that across the room to the Cauldron of Boiling Theriac.

Click on it to open the combine menu, and then drag the Mugwort into the empty slot.

Hit combine, and an Elixir of Syvanus will appear in your inventory.

(The door between rooms is locked when you get poisoned, so this isn’t a way to find the antidote, sadly.)

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