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Nightwing #87 plays out as one continuous, spectacular image

Scarecrow brought Gotham to its knees without a drop of fear gas

Batman has gone full Webtoon in maybe the best way

One of the Robins just came out of the closet

DC’s Batman ’89 comic shows a face of Harvey Dent we’ve never seen before

Ra’s al Ghul has become the DC universe’s hottest grandpa

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The Scarecrow is a harbinger of Batman’s dystopian future in Fear State

Congrats to Commissioner Gordon for never killing the Joker

J.J. Abrams and Batman: The Animated Series creator team for new Bat-toon

Robin did a Mortal Kombat

Wanna see Batman punch a ghost?

The Batman: The Long Halloween brings a classic Dark Knight story to life

The first Batman/Superman team-up comic was a ‘sharing a tiny hotel room’ story

Batman’s newest sidekick is ... Harley Quinn?

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The Joker #1 takes aim at Joker’s ‘fans’

Batman’s new neighbors totally hate his guts

Original Batman and Superman movies get sequels in DC comic form

Future Batman met Old Batman and they did not get along

An old Catwoman did what Batman couldn’t

Naming Batman: The Animated Series’ best episodes, now that they’re all on HBO Max

The Joker gets his own comic series for the first time in 45 years

The new Batman: Black & White series is unbelievably gorgeous

DC Comics debuts the next Batman

Batman: Detective Comics is getting a historic new writer in 2021

Phantasm finally hit the comic book big time — now do Baby Doll

Batman: Arkham Knight gets two more costumes — 5 years after launch

This Batman comic has the most accurate fake Twitch chat I’ve ever seen

The first choose-your-own-adventure Batman movie made the wrong decisions

Batman’s newest villain hates the Joker so much he’s trying to kill Harley Quinn

DC’s big Joker event series ended with a rewrite of The Killing Joke

Zack Snyder’s Justice League casts Jared Leto as the Joker

It’s official: Batman is broke