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Battle Royale

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Fortnite’s new Impostors mode sounds suspiciously like Among Us

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Kill Superman in Fortnite, starting today

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Fortnite’s Ariana Grande concert: When and how to watch

Fortnite getting another round of Street Fighter characters with Cammy and Guile

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone’s trailer teases a new season starting next week

Apex Legends’ season 10 patch brings a new Legend and lots of balance changes

Ariana Grande will have a virtual concert in Fortnite

Fortnite chops down fan-favorite NPC Bushranger

Apex Legends’ new trailer shows off Seer’s intel-gathering abilities

Fortnite teases big concert event, and signs point to Ariana Grande

Fortnite is getting a Suicide Squad-themed update that will include Bloodsport

Apex Legends’ season 10 trailer shows the newly destroyed World’s Edge map

Apex Legends’ new character is all about gathering intel and tracking his enemies

PUBG is getting an animated ‘project’ from Adi Shankar

Apex Legends’ new hero Seer revealed in animated short

PUBG’s new map takes players to Korea and lets them come back from the dead

Call of Duty: Warzone gets its biggest balance update ever

Call of Duty gets paintball, Capture the Flag, and a Warzone objective mode this season

LeBron James is coming to Fortnite

Apex Legends’ Thrillseekers event adds new Arena map, cosmetics

Loki brings his shenanigans to Fortnite for the July Crew Pack