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This week’s Fortnite patch gets sudden, short delay

Players will have to wait an extra day before they can try out the game’s new balloons

Fortnite - players diving in Epic Games
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Fortnite’s latest patch, v6.21, was slated to go live in the early morning hours of today, Oct. 31, but Epic Games has announced an abrupt, if short, delay. The patch will instead come out tomorrow, Nov. 1.

It’s not clear what led to the patch’s delay, as Epic has only said that it was due to the discovery of a last-minute “issue.” Last week’s update, which added the Halloween game mode Fortnitemares, was plagued with matchmaking issues for the first few days after its release, so this delay shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise for fans.

While almost every patch so far in Fortnite’s sixth season has been released on a Wednesday, this pushes back that regular schedule. This is the first time an entire patch for the game has been delayed this season — though updates coming out late or Epic not saying anything about when a patch would launch has happened frequently in previous seasons.

Balloons are likely coming to the game in patch v6.21
Epic Games

Patch v6.21 is also somewhat unique in that we don’t really know what’s in it. While previous seasons have stuck to a big-patch, small-patch cycle, Season 6 has been a little less predictable so far. In fact, the only thing we know for sure comes from the in-game news section which notified players just a couple of days ago that balloons are coming to the game soon, which likely means they’ll be included with this upcoming patch.

When Patch v6.21 goes live (hopefully) tomorrow, expect servers to go down around 4 a.m. ET and patch notes as soon as the servers are offline.

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