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Fortnite’s Loot Lake doesn’t look like you remember it

Instead it’s purple and bouncy

Epic Games
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The Fortnite Cube, which has been rolling around the map for the last several weeks, has finally come to what looks like its final resting place: inside of Loot Lake.

As Fortnite fans who have been following the path of the Cube know, Loot Lake always seemed like the destination, but I’m not sure that anyone expected it to end up like this. As long as the Cube was in the regular game world, it had a few interesting effects on players. For one thing, if you shot it, the Cube would push you away and damage you; if you stood close, it would regenerate your shields; and, most importantly, if you jumped on it the Cube would bounce you up into the air. While most of these properties left the Cube when it covered/was absorbed into Loot Lake, the bounciness is certainly still there.

Loot Lake, before the mysterious Cube merged with it
Epic Games via Polygon

Now, instead of the Loot Lake most players will remember — a large body of very shallow water — there’s a giant purple lake with ruins all over its surface, just like the Cube. And just like the Cube, if you jump into the purple substance you’ll be bounced high into the air.

Players have spent the better part of a month chasing the Cube all the way around the map trying to figure out what exactly it did and what its meaning might be. Now that the chase has come to an end, we’re really no closer to learning the Cube’s secrets. But, as time goes on, and we get closer to next week’s release of Fortnite Season 6, a whole lot more clues are likely to make themselves known.

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