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PUBG’s original map is getting remastered

Erangel is getting a face lift in the near future

a guy dropping from the plane in PUBG PUBG Corp.

Erangel has been around since the first days of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and now it’s getting a redesign. PUBG’s first map will remain unchanged in theme, it will still be an island with forests and fields, but it looks like the building placement and art could be changing sometime soon.

The first hints of the redesign showed up on the PUBG Test Server last week when players started noticing that there were compounds on the Erangel mini-map that hadn’t been there before.

One of the early test server versions of the Erangel changes
PUBG Corp. via Reddit user Bizzfarts

PUBG Corp. remained silent on the issue until Wednesday night when the developer released a brief statement letting fans know that the map was indeed going to get some changes.

The changes are in the very early stages and nothing has been made final yet. The map images that leaked last week are early internal tests, which means that the final version may look different. The post also notes that the development team will be sharing additional information with fans in the coming weeks. When things are ready, the remastered map will be released on the test server for fan feedback.

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