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Apex Legends’ season 2 battle pass is going to have challenges and better rewards

No more badges or stat trackers!

Respawn Entertainment
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The first Apex Legends season has almost come to an end, and with season 2 on the horizon developer Respawn Entertainment has already started teasing some of the improvements we’re going to see. In a post on Thursday afternoon, the developer shared some of the new features coming to the battle pass in this next season as well as a new challenge to tide players over until the new season begins.

In the post, Apex Legends’ lead product manager Lee Horn walked players through some of the new features of the season 2 battle pass. The first feature he mentions is that the pass will contain challenges to help players rank up their passes faster. Some of the challenges will be weekly, but there will be daily challenges as well.

According to Horn, Respawn does not want to “introduce wacky challenges that drastically warp the way you play the game, these challenges should provide some interesting variation from game-to-game.”

It seems like we might get an early look at what these challenges could be like next week with the new Legendary Hunt challenges that are coming to the game. According to this post, this series of challenges will involve completing specific tasks in order to get a new skin for Bloodhound as well as some other rewards. While most of these won’t go live until season 2 starts later in June, we should get some more info on these early challenges on Tuesday, June 4.

Speaking of rewards, season 2’s battle pass will be changing those up as well. Instead of things like Badges and Stat Trackers, which players felt weren’t great rewards for their hard earned XP in the season 1 pass, Respawn will be introducing three new types of cosmetic content that will be part of the battle pass.

As for the higher quality rewards, Horn had some good news. The season 2 battle pass will add three more Legendary items than the first pass. There will also be Legendary items at level 1, 25, 50, 75, and 100. This time around, Horn says, the goal is to give a balance between character-exclusive cosmetics, and cosmetics that can be used on any character, like gun skins. The level 100 reward will once again be a weapon skin that evolves, but this time Respawn will also offer a special recolored version of the skin to players that make it all the way to level 110.

While Horn’s post gives players lots of new information about what to look forward to in the season 2 battle pass, we’ll have to wait a little while for more specifics. The next time we’ll get information about the game should be at the EA Play livestream on Saturday, June 8 where Respawn is likely to show off some of the battle pass rewards and all of the big change coming to Apex as part of season 2.

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