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Apex Legends season 2 will start on July 2

A new battle pass, a new character, and a ranked mode are on the way

Artwork of Wattson from Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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The end of Apex Legends’ first season has arrived, and season 2 is on the horizon. The new season for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game is going to include plenty of changes to keep things fresh, a ranked mode to make the game more competitive, and, of course, a brand new battle pass full of cosmetics to unlock.

This new season patch should bring with a number of big changes to Apex Legends’ balance. It’s the first big balance patch and meta shake up we’ll have seen since the season 1 patch a few months ago, and if the preview that Respawn gave us in June is any indication, it should mean some pretty big changes for which weapons players want to use.

Also included in the patch will be the new character, Wattson, who will give Apex a more defensive feel that focuses on smart positioning and how you hold it, rather than rushing around the map.

Season 2 will also provide the first introduction of a ranked mode to Apex Legends. The mode will require players to get kills and high finishes in order to earn points and rank up. There will be six ranks when the season opens: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator. The ranked mode will be broken up into series, after which the ladder will reset. The first series will start on July 2 and end on the same day as season 2, sometime in September.

Apex Legends season 2 will launch, along with its battle pass, on July 2.

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