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Bloodstained guide: Oriental Sorcery Lab map

Map and hidden item locations

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Oriental Sorcery Lab map ArtPlay/505 Games via Polygon
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Oriental Sorcery Lab in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a difficult area to reach. It’s a step on the path to the game’s true ending, though, so you’ll need to put in the work.

Oriental Sorcery Lab connects to Entrance and Dian Cecht Cathedral.

Below, we’ve included a complete map of Oriental Sorcery Lab with a few notes about the area.

Oriental Sorcery Lab map

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Oriental Sorcery Lab map ArtPlay/505 Games via Polygon

It takes a lot of work to even reach the Oriental Sorcery Lab. First, you have to defeat Orobas in the Hidden Desert to get the Invert Shard ability. Then you have to get the Aegis Plate armor from Tower of Twin Dragons. Only once you have both of those can you get to the top of Entrance and enter Oriental Sorcery Lab.

Your first challenge is a room filled with archways that act like teleporters. It’s not a puzzle, per se, and there’s no trick to it. Just take your time and try every one — in both directions — until you get where you need to go.

At the top of Oriental Sorcery Lab, you’ll face Zangetsu for a second time. When you defeat him, he’ll give you his Zangetsuto that you’ll need to get Bloodstained’s true ending.

Take the Zangetsuto to Hall of Termination and face Gebel. If you defeat him, you’ll get a second ending, but still not the true ending. Instead, about halfway through the fight, watch for the moon in the background to turn red, and then attack it. This will move you toward the true ending.

The next level of puzzles.

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