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Bloodstained area order guide

How to reach every area and the order to do them in

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night world order ArtPlay/505 Games via Polygon

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night requires a lot of running back and forth across the world. Each new ability you get unlocks new pathways to new areas and new abilities. It can get confusing to know which way you need to go next — especially to get to the game’s true ending.

This guide will walk you through the order for tackling the game’s areas. We’ve broken it down by the abilities or items you get in each.

Craftwork and Double Jump

To begin, let’s start at the opening of the game and get your first couple Shard abilities.

  1. Start at Galleon Minerva, and continue through Arvantville to Entrance.
  2. Loop through the Garden of Silence, and back into Entrance to get to Dian Cecht Cathedral.
  3. Get the Craftwork ability from Craftwork in Dian Cecht Cathedral. This ability creates a giant hand that lets you move obstacles.
  4. Use Craftwork to open the path through Garden of Silence.
  5. Continue to the Tower of Twin Dragons, and then backtrack into Livre Ex Machina.
  6. Defeat Andrealphus to get the Double Jump ability.

Tower of Twin Dragons and Passplate

The next obstacle is getting the Passplate so you can access the Bridge of Evil.

  1. Go back to Tower of Twin Dragons and defeat Valac. Collect the Silver Bromide from the chest at the bottom of the tower.
  2. Take the Silver Bromide back to Dominique in Arvantville to get your photo taken.
  3. Take your photo to Orlok Dracule in Livre Ex Machina to get the Passplate.
  4. Take the Passplate to Bridge of Evil and ride the train to Underground Sorcery Lab.

Reflector Ray and Hall of Termination

The Reflector Ray ability will open up several new areas of the map.

  1. Defeat Bathin in Underground Sorcery Lab to get the Reflector Ray ability.
  2. Head to Livre Ex Machina, and use Reflector Ray to reach Hall of Termination.
  3. You can fight and defeat Gebel at this point to get the first bad ending, Just a Flicker.

Blood Steal, Aqua Stream, and Deep Sinker

For the next section, you’ll need to pick up a couple of water-based abilities to explore deeper underground.

  1. Instead of taking on Gebel, travel from Hall of Termination back into Dian Cecht Cathedral.
  2. Defeat Bloodless to get the Blood Steal ability.
  3. Use Blood Steal to drain the blood fountain in Entrance.
  4. Drop down into Forbidden Underground Waterway.
  5. Farm any Deeseama you find until one drops the Aqua Stream Shard. This ability will let you travel underwater.
  6. Head down to Hidden Desert and fight Alfred to pick up the Deep Sinker Shard.

Invert and Aegis Plate

Now that you can move more freely underwater, keep exploring Forbidden Underground Waterway.

  1. Head left through Forbidden Underground Waterway to reach Secret Sorcery Lab.
  2. Defeat Doppelganger and continue through to Inferno Cave.
  3. Defeat Orobas to receive the Invert Shard ability.
  4. Head back to Tower of Twin Dragons to pick up the Aegis Plate armor.

Oriental Sorcery Lab and Zangetsu

With Invert and the Aegis Plate, you can finally reach the remaining areas in Entrance.

  1. Head back to Entrance and use Invert and the Aegis Plate to reach Oriental Sorcery Lab.
  2. Face and defeat Zangetsu for the second time to get his Zangetsuto sword.

Gebel and Gremory

Now you can get the second bad ending, or open a new path to the true ending.

  1. Head back to Hall of Termination and face Gebel.
  2. If you defeat him, you’ll get the Usurper bad ending.
  3. Instead of defeating him, attack the moon instead when it turns red about halfway through the fight. This will break the demon Gremory’s hold on Gebel.
  4. Gremory, as the moon, will then flee to Garden of Silence.

Den of Behemoths and Glacial Tomb

The final areas are only unlocked when you’ve reached this point along the true ending’s path.

  1. Find the Gremory moon in Garden of Silence and attack it with the Zangetsuto to open a portal to Den of Behemoths.
  2. Continue through until you reach Glacial Tomb.
  3. Fight and defeat Gremory to get the Dimension Shift Shard ability.
  4. Head left through Glacial Tomb to find the final two bosses. Defeat them for the game’s true ending, Dethroned.

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