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Bloodstained guide: Galleon Minerva map

Map and hidden item locations

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Galleon Minerva map ArtPlay/505 Games via Polygon
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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night begins on Galleon Minerva. It’s an introduction to many of the game’s concepts. You’ll get a basic version of every type of weapon and your first few Shards. It also teaches you that there are rooms you won’t be able to reach in every area on your first visit.

Galleon Minerva connects to Arvantville.

Below, we’ve included maps for each of your visits to Galleon Minerva, broken down by the ability you’ll need to reach each room.

Galleon Minerva on the first visit

Map of Galleon Minerva first visit Polygon

On your first visit to Galleon Minerva, you won’t have any special abilities. There’s still plenty to find and collect, though. Use the map above to make sure you hit every chest and save point, and pick up every HP and MP Max Increase.

ArtPlay/505 Games via Polygon

Galleon Minerva with Double Jump

Map of Galleon Minerva with Double Jump Polygon

Once you’ve gotten the Double Jump ability from Andrealphus in Livre Ex Machina, there are a few new things to collect in the Galleon Minerva.

A quick note: It is possible to reach the area in the upper right with the double jump, but it’s very difficult. We recommend waiting until you get the Reflector Ray.

Galleon Minerva with Reflector Ray

Map of Galleon Minerva with Reflector Ray Polygon

After you defeat Bathin in Underground Sorcery Lab to get the Reflector Ray ability, there are more things to pick up in the Galleon Minerva.

Galleon Minerva with Invert or High Jump

Map of Galleon Minerva with Invert or High Jump Polygon

The final chest in the Galleon Minerva requires either the Invert or High Jump ability. You’ll get the Invert ability from Orobas in Inferno Cave. You’ll have to craft the High Jump ability with Johannes in Arvantville.

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