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Bloodstained guide: Arvantville map

Map, NPCs, and (hidden) item locations

Bloodstained guide Arvantville map ArtPlay/505 Games via Polygon
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After Galleon Minerva, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night moves to Arvantville. It’s your hub, and most of the game’s NPCs are found here.

Arvantville connects to Galleon Minerva, Entrance, and Forbidden Underground Waterway.

Below, we’ve included a map of Arvantville. Unlike most other areas of Bloodstained, you don’t need any special abilities to reach all rooms.

Arvantville map ArtPlay/505 Games via Polygon

While there’s nothing new to find on your subsequent visits to Arvantville, you’ll want to keep coming back. The NPCs here will help you with new items for your journey, you can craft weapons and items, and there’s a shop.

There are seven characters to speak with in Arvantville:

  • Abigail is looking for items to memorialize residents of Arvantville. Give her what she asks for to earn rewards.
  • Harry is a farmer. Give him seeds, and he’ll grow food for you to use when preparing meals.
  • Susie is an old woman who wants foods that she vaguely remembers. Use the icon over her head to figure out the meal she wants. She’ll reward you for each meal you give her.
  • Anne is the little girl you save from a demon when you first arrive in Arvantville.
  • Dominique runs a shop. You can buy pretty much anything you’ve already collected out in the larger world. You can also sell off things you no longer need and any extra Shards you have.
  • Lindsay will give you bounties to avenge the deaths of other Arvantville residents. Accept them, kill the required number of each type of demon, and then return to her to get a reward.
  • Johannes. Johannes will let you craft items and prepare food. You can also upgrade your Shard abilities through him, or deconstruct items into their component parts.

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