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Borderlands 3 guide: FL4K skills

The master of pets

Image of FL4K in Borderlands 3 with a pet skag Gearbox/2K
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Borderlands 3’s FL4K is a pet-based Beastmaster class. Many of their abilities augment FL4K and FL4K’s pet as well. FL4K also has a custom spot for their pet, so players can choose the companion that works best for them. FL4K can also customize their Action Skill with two augments at once. If you get lonely in the wasteland, you’ll never be alone with FL4K.

Skills work a little differently in Borderlands 3. The three traditional trees are still there, but there are side paths for unlocking abilities that augment your Action Skill.

A few weeks out from launch, the developers at Gearbox Software published an interactive skill tree on the Borderlands 3 website. This helpful tool revealed all the skills Borderlands 3’s new hunters, and in this guide we’ll list FL4K’s skills.

FL4K Stalker skill tree

Name Ability type Rank Description Details
Name Ability type Rank Description Details
Fade Away Action Skill N/A FL4K turns invisible, gains increased movement speed, health generation, and can fire three guaranteed critical shots before uncloaking 200% Fade Away critical hit damage, 25% additional movement speed, 3% max health regeneration per second, 45 second cooldown, 15 second skill duration
Jabber Sidekick Pet N/A FL4K gains a Jabber companion, who shoots enemies with a pistol. FL4K gains increased movement speed. Jabber throws a radiation barrel after FL4K uses the attack command 5% increased movement speed
Self-Repairing System Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K has increased health and constantly regenerates health 6% increased max health, 0% max health regeneration
Sic'Em Passive Ability 1-3 FL4K's attack command's cooldown is shorter and deals increased damage 10% additional damage, 10% reduced cooldown
Furious Attack Passive Ability 1-5 Shooting enemies grants stacks of Furious Attack. Each stack increases handling and gun damage. Stacks decay over time 1% handling per stack, 0.4 damage per stack, 10 total stacks, 4 second duration
Guerillas in the Mist Action Skill Augment N/A Fade Away's stealth no longer dissipates after three attacks, but lowers critical damage and has a shorter duration 8 second duration, 50% critical damage
Eager to Impress Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K reduces their skill cooldown with each kill. Pet kills further reduce the action skill cooldown, and refresh Attack Command's cooldown -0.5 seconds for pet kill, -0.25 seconds for FL4K kill
All my BFF's Passive Ability 1-3 Allies share in FL4K's health regeneration. FL4K's pet gains double health regeneration. 17% allied health regeneration
Overclocked Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K has an increased fire rate, with increased fire rate after a reload 2% increased fire rate after reloading, 2% increased fire rate, 4 second duration
Not my Circus Action Skill Augment N/A FL4K's pet taunts enemies after Fade Away ends. The pet gains damage resistance after taunting 6 second taunt duration, 80% damage reduction
Lick the Wounds Passive Ability N/A FL4K's pet can revive them in Fight For Your Life N/A
Turn Tail and Run Passive Ability 1-3 FL4K constantly regenerates health and gains damage reduction while moving. FL4K has increased gun damage and fire rate while standing still 6.5% damage reduction while moving, 0.3% health regeneration while moving, 8.3% gun damage while still, 4% fire rate while still
Beefcake Jabber Pet N/A FL4K's Jabber is now a Beefcake. Beefcake wields a shotgun, and FL4K gains movement speed and health. Attack Command makes Beefcake summon a melee weapon that knocks enemies back 5% movement speed, 10% health
Until You Are Dead Action Skill Augment N/A Fade Away's health regeneration and movement speed last after the skill ends Lasts 10 seconds
The Fast and the Furryous Passive Ability 1-3 FL4K gains increased gun damage and movement speed when above half health 8% damage, 3.3% movement speed
Hidden Machine Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K deals more damage against targets not attacking them 6 bonus damage
Gunslinger Jabber Pet N/A FL4K's Jabber is now a Gunslinger. Gunslinger has upgraded weapons and wields a submachine gun. FL4K gains increased critical damage and movement speed. Attack Command causes the Gunslinger to wield a rocket launcher for a time 5% movement speed, 5% critical damage
Unblinking Eye Action Skill Augment N/A Hitting the same target multiple times increases FL4K's critical damage. Unblinking Eye resets on three hits 75% additional damage per hit
Rage and Recover Passive Ability 1-5 Killing an enemy increases pet health regeneration 1.6% health regeneration, 3 second duration
The Power Inside Passive Ability N/A FL4K and their pet gains increased damage after FL4K activates an Action Skill. The effect for FL4K is doubled if their health is full 25 bonus damage, 15 second duration

FL4K Hunter skill tree

Name Ability type Rank Description Details
Name Ability type Rank Description Details
Rakk Attack! Action Skill N/A FL4K sends two Rakks to attack enemies. This skill has multiple charges per activation 18 second cooldown, 35 damage
Spiderant Centurion Pet N/A FL4K summons a Spiderant, which regenerates FL4K's health. Attack Command makes the Spiderant charge into enemies 1% health regeneration per second
Interplanetary Stalker Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K gains a stack of Interplanetary Stalker after killing an enemy, which increases their damage. FL4K also gains unique bonuses depending on the type of enemy killed, stacking up to three times per enemy type 2% damage, 3% Action Skill damage for human enemies, 1.5% Corrosive damage for robot enemies, 2% movement speed for beast enemies
Leave No Trace Passive Ability 1-3 Critical hits have a chance to refund some ammo to the magazine 12% chance to refund ammon
Second Intention Passive Ability 1-5 Killing an enemy increases FL4K's reload speed. Critical kills increase the bonus 3% reload speed, 6% critical kill reload speed, 5 second duration
Rakk Open a Cold One Action Skill Augment N/A FL4K's Rakks deal Cryo damage N/A
Hunter's Eye Passive Ability 1-5 When FL4K fights different kinds of enemies, they earn bonuses 3% critical against humans, 6% armor damage against robots, 5.3% damage reduction against beasts
Head Count Passive Ability 1-3 Critical hits have a chance to reduce the Action Skill cooldown 10% cooldown reduction chance, -2 seconds off cooldown
Ambush Predator Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K's handling and critical damage are increased when no enemies are nearby 4% critical hit damage, 17% handling
Falconer's Feast Action Skill Augment N/A FL4K's Rakks steal health for them 7% of max health returned
Two F4ng Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K has a chance to fire an extra attack per shot 5% chance
Spiderant Scorcher Pet N/A FL4K's Spiderant is now a Scorcher, which deals Incendiary damage to nearby enemies. FL4K regenerates health and gains elemental resistance. Attack Command makes the Scorcher charge enemies 1% max health regeneration, 10% elemental damage resistance
Flock'N'Load Action Skill Augment N/A FL4K sends forward additional Rakk 2 additional Rakk
Big Game Passive Ability 1-3 FL4K's Hunter skills are more powerful and last longer 10% additional effectiveness, 33% additional Hunter skill duration
The Most Dangerous Game Passive Ability 1-3 Killing a Badass (or higher rank) enemy increases critical hit damage, gun damage, and handling. High rank enemies also come with a cash reward 8% gun damage, 3.3% critical hit damage, 14.3% handling, 120 second duration
Spiderant Countess Pet N/A FL4K's Spiderant is now a Countess, and FL4K regenerates health and has damage reduction. The attack command makes the Countess burrow underground and emerge later, dealing Corrosive damage 1% health regeneration, 5% damage reduction
Rakkcelerate Action Skill Augment N/A FL4K's Rakks cooldown faster and have an additional charge 20% cooldown, one additional charge
Galactic Shadow Passive Ability N/A FL4K deals bonus critical hit damage and enemies are less likely to attack them 15% additional critical hit damage
Grim Harvest Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K deals bonus gun and Action Skill damage 3% gun damage, 5% Action Skill damage
Megavore Passive Ability N/A FL4K has a chance to land a critical hit on any enemy body part 20% chance

FL4K Master skill tree

Name Ability type Rank Description Details
Name Ability type Rank Description Details
Gamma Burst Action Skill N/A FL4K teleports their pet to a target location, causing an explosion of radiation damage. FL4K's pet becomes irradiated, making them bigger and causing them to deal radiation damage to enemies. Gamma Busrt can also revive a downed pet, but doubles the cooldown time 20 second duration, 30 second cooldown, 56 damage
Guard Skag Pet N/A FL4K summons a Skag to follow them, which increases their damage. Using Attack Command causes the skag to vomit acid on enemies 5 damage
Ferocity Passive Ability 1-5 Increased FL4K's pet damage 10% additional pet damage
Persistence Hunter Passive Ability 1-3 Increased FL4K's gun damage and action skill duration 4% gun damage, 15% skill duration
Go for the Eyes Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K's pet's first attack on a enemy is a guaranteed critical hit 15% pet critical hit bonus damage
Atomic Auroma Action Skill Augment N/A After Gamma Burst, FL4K's pet gains radiation damage, dealing damage to enemies around it 4 damage per second
Who Rescued Who? Passive Ability 1-5 When FL4K's pet damages a enemy, FL4K regenerates health. FL4K damaging an enemy regenerates their pet's health Converts 1% of damage into pet healing, 0% health regeneration
He Bites! Passive Ability 1-3 When FL4K's pet takes damage, the pet reflects damage back to the enemy 5% damage reflected
Frenzy Passive Ability 1-5 When FL4K's pet damages an enemy, both FL4K and their pet gain stacks of Frenzy, which increases their damage for a few seconds 0.8% damage per stack, 10 stacks max
Emphatic Rage Action Skill Augment N/A FL4K deals additional damage while Gamma Burst is active 20 bonus damage
Psycho Head On a Stick Passive Ability N/A When FL4K kills an enemy, their pet gains bonus movement speed and damage 12% additional movement speed, 10% pet damage, 8 second duration
Hive Mind Passive Ability 1-3 FL4K shares their damage taken with their pet 5% damage shared
Great Horned Skag Pet N/A FL4K summons a Great Horned Skag, which increases their damage and gun damage. Attack Command makes the Great Horned Skag charge enemies and knock them up 5 bonus damage, 10% gun damage
Endurance Action Skill Augment N/A If FL4K or their pet kill an enemy during Gamma Burst, Gamma Burst's duration is extended and the pet damage grows. This can happen up to five times 3 extra seconds per kill, 10% additional pet damage per kill
Barbaric Yawp Passive Ability 1-5 FL4K's pet bonus skills are more effective 20% additional pet damage
Mutated Defenses Passive Ability N/A FL4K's pet gains bonus health regeneration and defenses if it reaches low health 30% damage reduction, 40% health regeneration, 15 second cooldown
Eridian Skag Pet N/A FL4K summons an Eridian Skag, increasing their fire rate and damage. Attack Command causes the Eridian Skag to summon a singularity, drawing enemies in 5 damage, 5% fire rate increase
Burst Aid Action Skill Augment N/A After Gamma Burst, FL4K and allies can stand near their pet's exit point to regenerate health 20% health regeneration per second
Pack Tactics Passive Ability 1-3 FL4K and their pet gain bonus health and damage 5% health, 5% damage
Shared Spirit Passive Ability N/A When FL4K is at low health, they share more damage with their pet 50% damage share at low health
Dominance Passive Ability N/A Overrides FL4K's melee attack. FL4K dominates an enemy with their melee, turning them into an ally for a short time. This duration is doubled for beast enemies. Dominated enemies constantly lose health, can only be dominated once, and FL4K can only dominate one enemy at a time 12 second duration, dominated target loses 2% health per second

If multiple ranks exist, all numbers only reflect the first rank.

These skills could change before Gearbox releases Borderlands 3 Sept. 13, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. If they do, we’ll update our guide.

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