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Borderlands 3 guide: Shift Codes and Golden Keys

This is the only way to open the golden chest

One of Borderlands 3’s golden chests. It’s wrapped in chains and needs a Golden Key to open. Gearbox Software via Polygon

Golden Chests are back in Borderlands 3, and that means you’ll need Golden Keys to open them. In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know about both.

How to get Golden Keys

Golden Keys can come from a variety of places, including the Borderlands 3 pre-order bonus which grants you five keys. The the most common way to get a Golden Key is from Shift Codes. Shift Codes are redeemable codes. In the past, Gearbox employees have tweeted them, as well as the official Gearbox and Borderlands Twitter accounts. These Shift codes often grant multiple keys. For each key you’ll have the chance to open the golden chest once.

What’s in the Golden Chest?

Since Borderlands 3 is (more or less) all about guns, that’s exactly what you can expect from every Golden Chest you open. Some may also contain added cosmetics, but the guns are the real stars here. Each weapon you get from the Golden Chest is guaranteed to be a high rarity tier and could include a Legendary.

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