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Borderlands 3 guide: Bad Reception walkthrough

Claptrap is looking to accessorize with hats

Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software/2K Games

Borderlands 3’s Bad Reception quest may technically be a tutorial, but the solution isn’t always clear — especially if you’re chatting with friends and miss some key dialogue. Here’s how to beat Bad Reception in Borderlands 3.

You’ll get this quest from Claptrap fairly early, after you fix the vending machine for Marcus and finish escorting Vaughn. Claptrap is looking to accessorize, and he’ll send you all around the wasteland looking for new hats. Follow the quest indicators to each of the five locations on the map.

The wire hanger

If you missed Claptrap’s dialogue, you may not have caught how to open the laundry room door.

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception wire hanger
Break the door in the ground by jumping and smashing
Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

Climb up to the cliff above the metal door, and look down. Jump and aim for the door. If you crouch while mid-air, you’ll do a ground pound.

Ground pound the door to break it open. When it’s open, you can grab the hanger from the clothing rack.

The antenna

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception antenna
Jump up the tower to break the radar dish
Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

This one is easy. Climb up to the tower, break the radar, and grab the antenna it drops.

The spork

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception spork
Hit the electrical target
Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

You’ll find this one in a little cave that has plenty of live electric wires inside. If you walk in there without deactivating the electricity, you’ll fry.

Look for the target above the body in the cave, and shoot it to deactivate the wires. Walk in, grab the spork, walk out.

The tinfoil hat

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception tinfoil hat
Destroy the satellites in the distance
Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

For the tinfoil hat, you need to talk to Sid. Sid is a bit … much, so listen to his ramblings and then shoot the radars that the objective markers point you toward. If you’re far away from your TV, you may need a scope for the last one. Then you just need to kill Sid and steal his hat.

The umbrella

Borderlands 3 Bad Reception umbrella
Slide under the door
Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

This one is a little tricky. Walk up to the shack door and destroy the turret. To get under there and defeat the enemy hiding in the back room, you need to slide under the door before it closes. Kill the enemy in the back room and grab the umbrella from behind the chair.

And with that, you have all of Claptrap’s weird accessories.

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