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Borderlands 3 guide: Floodmor Basin challenges

Complete Floodmor Basin challenges with our maps

Dead Claptrap Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

Here are all of the Borderlands 3 Floodmor Basin challenge locations on Eden-6. Check out the completed area map below, as well as individual images for each challenge location.

There are several challenges in most of Borderlands 3’s maps. These challenges reward great experience and sometimes even enhance your vehicles. Picking them up is always worthwhile, but some of them can be a real pain to find. And that’s why we found them for you.

Table of contents

Floodmor Basin challenge map locations

Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

Look for the small, gray icons on the map above to find the challenges in Floodmor Basin.

Crimson Radio

This Crimson Radio is on the west side of the map, sitting at the top of a giant silo. Climb up the side to grab it.

Crimson Radio

The second Crimson Radio is on one of the legs of the train tacks. Look on the east side of the large area and climb up.

Dead Claptrap

The first dead Claptrap is in the COV camp in the northeastern part of the map. It’s under a deck.

Dead Claptrap

The second dead Claptrap is inside a giant tree. Find the big tree, and look around the roots for some tire treads. Follow them to find the poor soul stuck between the roots.

Hijack Target

In the COV camp near the the open area, there’s a big wheel on a corner deck. Climb the nearby hill, and jump around the corner to hijack the ride.

Hijack Target

Near the big tree, drive up the hill until you reach a small ramp pointing to the right. The hijack target is on a big tree stump. Drive off the ramp full speed and land near the vehicle.

Legendary Hunt

This Legendary Hunt is in a cave to the northwest. It’s round and easy to spot on the map.

Typhon Log 1

North of the Legendary Hunt, you’ll find the Typhon Log sitting on the edge of a cliff.

Typhon Log 2

In the open COV camp, near the big wheel Hijack, there’s a Typhon Log on one of the legs for the rail. Climb up and grab it.

Typhon Log 3

In the center of the map, there’s a bust overlooking a gorge. There’s a Typhon Log sitting right next to the bust.

Typhon Dead Drop

In the northeast, there’s a small shack. The Typhon log is sitting against the back of the shack.

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