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Borderlands 3 guide: The Anvil challenges

Complete The Anvil challenges with our maps

Dead Claptrap Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

Here are all of Borderlands 3’s The Anvil challenge locations on Eden-6. Check out the completed area map below, as well as individual images for each challenge location.

There are several challenges in most of Borderlands 3’s maps. These challenges reward great experience and sometimes even enhance your vehicles. Picking them up is always worthwhile, but some of them can be a real pain to find. And that’s why we found them for you.

The Anvil challenge map locations

The Anvil map Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

Look for the small, gray icons on the map above to find the challenges in The Anvil.

Crimson Radio

The first Crimson Radio is in the open space before the bridge. It’s stacked on top of a bunch of boxes. Look for the orange spray paint and climb up.

Crimson Radio

The second Crimson Radio is across the bridge, on a huge turret platform. Climbing up to this one isn’t going to be easy. You need to jump and climb around the turret and onto a difficult-to-each pipe. From there, you can reach the top of the turret and deactivate the radio tower.

Dead Claptrap

After you break through the door with Brick, head left and walk into the two rectangular rooms. You’ll find the Claptrap under a water pipe.

Dead Claptrap

The second dead Claptrap is near the Target of Opportunity arena. It’s on an operating table, and it has colorful hair sticking out of it — difficult to miss.

Target of Opportunity

Like most Targets of Opportunity, The Anvil’s is in a giant arena structure on the left side of the map. Follow your map, and you’ll find it no problem.

Typhon Log 1

Right when you enter The Anvil, look for a small turret to the left. Climb it to find the first Typhon Log.

Typhon Log 2

Before you follow Brick through the door, enter the small offshoot to the left. You’ll find the Typhon Log at the top of a railing.

Typhon Log 3

The third Typhon Log is easy to spot but hard to get to. Before the bridge, find a glass enclosure connecting two buildings. Walk across the enclosure, climb up some boxes, and jump onto the roof of the glass enclosure. The Typhon Log is on the roof.

Typhon Dead Drop

Before you reach the large area with the first Crimson Radio, just after the vending machines, the Typhon Dead Drop is in a small room to the right.

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