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Borderlands 3 guide: How to save

It’s easier than you think

Claptrap from Borderlands 3 acting dramatic in front of a chest Gearbox Software/2K Games

Borderlands 3 leads a lot of discovery of certain systems up to the player, including how to save.

Browsing through the game’s various menus, you’ll notice there’s no clear option to select a time or place to save. However, whenever you load up Borderlands 3 for another session, you’ll see that your last used character will appear in the menu, ready to head back into the action. But how do you save in Borderlands 3?

Turns out, you don’t have to do anything. Borderlands 3 is constantly saving in the background. Since there’s so much loot and experience flying around, the game will always make sure to save your progress as you go.

The autosaving feature is especially helpful when miss one of the guns that dropped and you leave an area. Thankfully, weapon drops like that will make their way back to your Lost Loot Machine back on Sanctuary. If you’re concerned that you might be missing out on lost loot, be sure to get more SDU upgrades to increase the Lost Loot Machine’s carrying capacity.

So if you’re playing Borderlands 3 and want to save, don’t worry: The game has already done it for you. Whenever you’re done, just go to your pause menu and exit out of the game. When you’re ready to dive back in, just load the character you want to play as and continue your journey.

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