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Borderlands 3 guide: How to change co-op modes

You can change between Cooperation or Coopetition at any time.

An image of the two main villains from Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software/2K Games

There is so much loot up for grabs in Borderlands 3. If you’re playing alone, everything you see is up for the taking. But when playing with friends locally or online, you and your party have to make a choice: Do we get our own gear or split it among yourselves?

Borderlands 3 offers up two different co-op modes that you can change at any time: Cooperation and Coopetition. Each group mode will shower you with new loot as you defeat enemies, but they have big differences.

Borderlands 3 co-op modes, explained

Loot in Cooperation mode is unique to you. Whenever a piece of loot spawns from a chest or an enemy, only you see that loot. Your fellow players will get their own loot drops separate from what you see on your screen. Each player gets loot drops appropriate to their character’s level at the time.

Cooperation is a great mode for players of mixed levels, since the game will balance itself depending on each player’s level. Plus, all the loot that drops will be unique and appropriate for each player’s level.

On the other hand, Coopetition is a little more intense and plays by classic Borderlands rules. In this mode, everyone sees the same loot. So if you open a chest or an enemy drops a piece of gear, players have to decide who gets what. Or just take it for yourself without any discussion — it’s your call!

Coopetition mode doesn’t balance the playing field, so lower level players will have to contend with tougher enemies.

How to change co-op modes in Borderlands 3

When you first start Borderlands 3, you have to select which mode you want to play on. That selection makes that co-op mode your default, but you can change it at any time.

The main menu of Borderlands 3 Gearbox Software/2K Games via Polygon

The quickest way to do that is from the main menu. On the top right of your screen, next to your account name is a pair of gears. Click those, and you’ll be able to adjust various settings.

From there, changing your Group Mode will change your co-op settings. Once done, you can pair up with friends or dive into matching making to take on Borderlands 3 with others.