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Mario runs from Fury Bowser in Bowser’s Fury

Bowser’s Fury guides

Defeat Fury Bowser, collect power-ups, and find every Cat Shine Shard

Bowser’s Fury is a new game bundled with Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch, and Polygon’s guides are here to help you understand how it works and track down hidden items like Cat Shine Shards.

Getting started, trips, and tricks

To help you get started with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, we’ll teach you about Fury Bowser — like how often he appears and how to make him go away — and show you the best places to find power-ups.

Cat Shine Shard guides, maps, and locations

We spend the bulk of our guides helping you track down Bowser’s Fury’s many collectibles, which are scattered throughout every island in the game.

Bowser’s Fury has a series of small collectables to grab at each island: Cat Shine Shards. Collecting five of them will yield one Cat Shine, and they’re available to collect from the moment that you step on a new island. They count toward the five total Cat Shines you can get per island, so you should pick them up along the way.

Cat Shine Shards are numbered, and your progress toward collecting them all appears at the bottom of your screen. Those at the left are closer to the entrance of the island, while those at the right tend to be closer to the lighthouse.

Check out our guides to find the Cat Shine Shards on Scamper Shores, Fort Flaptrap, Pounce Bounce Isle, Slipskate Slope, Clawswipe Colosseum, Trickity Tower, Crisp Climb Castle, Risky Whisker Island, Pipe Path Tower, Mount Magmeow, Rolling Roller Isle, and Fur Step Island.

Post-game content

Bowser’s Fury doesn’t have to end after you defeat Fury Bowser, and our endgame content is here to help you find Captain Toad and the Toad Brigade.