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Breath of the Wild guide: Oman Au shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Magnesis trial

  1. Enter the Oman Au shrine and interact with the terminal to get magnesis, It’s effectively the power to move metal things, which (no coincidence) is exactly what you need to do in this shrine.
  2. Use magnesis to move the metal plates on the floor. Then jump down and walk through the passageway and back up to ground level.
  3. Use magnesis to pull (or push, because why not!) the metal block in the wall.
  4. Hop through and destroy the guardian scout hiding behind the wall.
  5. Walk from the first to the second platform, over the metal plate. Then turn around and use magnesis to move the metal plate between the second and third platform.
  6. Facing the giant doors while standing on the third platform, turn left and use magnesis to pull the treasure chest down from the platform. Open it to get the traveler’s bow, a powerful bow that will give you an edge this early in Breath of the Wild.
  7. Use magnesis to open the giant doors.
  8. Head up the stairs to the alter and meet Oman Au, who will give you your first spirit orb. (You’ll get one for every shrine that you beat.)

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